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Sunday, April 9, 2017

April 8 "The Time Was Right" 2 Samuel 13-15

In the course of time --- The verse opens addressing how the time was right. 2 Samuel 13:1.  Right for what?  Sin. A story of a dad and his son.  A dad who overlooked the indiscretion of one son toward a sister.  And a brother who took matters into his own hands.  A rape and a death.  The time is always right for righteousness and for sin.  What presses me in to right?  Here's where I am.  Am I present in my conversations with my world?  Focusing on them not on what I will say next.  Focusing on them not how I feel.  Focusing on them not caring what the world thinks of me.  Focusing on them, realizing I will have to take a stand for what I say and do.  Focusing on them, drawing out from them the man or woman God intends for them to be no matter what the cost to me.  

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