Monday, July 6, 2015

July 7 "The Word is my Counselor" Psalm 119:24

24 Your statutes are my delight;
    they are my counselors.
Psalm 119:24.  
This is the safest way of dealing with those who plot for our ruin; let us give more heed to the true testimonies of the Lord than to the false witness of our foes. The best answer to accusing princes is the word of the justifying King." The Treasury of David. 

And what is that Word of Wisdom for my children?

July 6 "Marvelous in Our Eyes" Psalms 115-118

And so they wrestle, where is the God of the parting of the seas?
And why is He so silent in the midst of such oppression and rejection?
This psalm 115 is Passover song singing about that deliverance from Egypt.

You, O God, rise above the vain thoughts. You, O God can be neither felt or touched or seen or heard yet You are so very real to all of us. You, O God, are not a Voice Mail away; You are in Your Heavens, a very present real God. Doing exactly what You are pleased to do.

at the end of the great drama of human history, the omnipotence of God and his immutability and faithfulness will be more than vindicated to the eternal confusion of his adversaries. So, now, where is the God of the Red Sea? Unshaken. Unchanged. "Undisturbed." (Spurgeon) Immutable. Immortal. Invisible. And at the end of the day, You are in your heavens fulfilling Your Word. And at the end of the drama of this Eternal Story, You will show up! Spurgeon wrote: They wanted You to come down from the Cross. Now, they want You to come down from the heavens----then, they will believe. O God, may we believe in this present moment. You have done what You have pleased! I surrender.

DEAR GOD, PLEASE CHANGE ME IN MY 10,000 MOMENTS AS WE FACE OPPOSITION FROM THOSE AGAINST US. May God silence, once again, those who are against me. Psa 115:3.

PHOTO: Stood on this bridge and cried out the God Who parted the Red Seas. Would you part mine? And even if you don't, may I find you in this?

Saturday, July 4, 2015

July 5 "Wait Remaining Quiet and Patient" Psalm 108-114

This psalm is written to all those who think hard about what they see---about their friends and families living lives stirred up by God, observing the ways of life of those who fear God---and live like it. The commentary said we may see hypocrites in doctrine but never in the commandments. Only righteous gracious men observe the true commandments of God. 

July 4 "Lean Souls" Psalms 106 - 107

No sin,
No suffering,
Stops us from ascribing glory to God.
Bless His Name.

May the ambition of our hearts
be bountiful.  No lean souls.

Charles Spurgeon writes that this Psalm begins and ends with Hallelujah! Blessed be His Name.  And all the space inbetween bemoans Israel's sin and the extraordinary patience of our God.  "We do well to bless the Lord both at the beginning and the end of our meditations when sin and grace are the themes." This sacred song is occupied with the historical part of the OT.  It's the history that David holds. Spurgeon said the history of Israel is "so depreciated and yet David esteemed them beyond his necessary food, and made them his songs in the house of pilgrimage."  Human sin.  Divine Goodness over all rising generations.

Will our nation before God see their sin this 4th of July
May we see our own sin against the Most High
and adore His Holy Infinite Patience.
All Glory ascribed to God.

"But soon they forgot what He had done.
And they did not wait 
for His Plan to unfold."
Psalm 106:13

And in the desert
they gave in!

May we wrestle well in these deserts of ours.

DEAR GOD, PLEASE CHANGE ME IN THESE 10,000 MOMENTS OF YOUR PLAN UNFOLDING.  Help me to wait!  Help me to believe when I can't see the Unfolding Plan.  May I praise you at the beginning and the end of all matters.


Friday, July 3, 2015

July 3 "Blessed Be The Name" Psalms 103 - 105

"Bless the Lord,
O My Soul." Psalm 103:1
Stir myself within.  Bless Him.

Today ranks up there with one of the hardest days ever for me.
As I strolled down Congress Avenue.
I stopped on the sultry corner of
Monroe and Congress.
All of a sudden,
a live street band started to play...
and their words filled the straitaway
"Blessed Be The Name."
He gives and takes away.
Yes, Blessed be His Name.
And I walked the avenue
knowing I was offering what I could.
Tears of hope streaming down.
Blessing the Lord, O My Soul.
And all that is within me.
Bless His Holy Name.
From every part of my heart.

Praise the Lord, you his angels,
you mighty ones who do his bidding,
who obey his word.  Psalm 103:20
The angels.
They never slumber.
Always doing the will of God.
For me.  For you.

Bless His Name.

DEAR GOD, YOU JUST CHANGED ME IN ONE OF MY 10,000 MOMENTS TODAY.  Don't ever stop.  I bless Your Name.  With everything.  

Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 2 "Light Will Shine One Day! Psalms 96 - 102

Let those who love the Lord hate evil,
for he guards the lives of his faithful ones
and delivers them from the hand of the wicked.

Light shines on the righteous
and joy on the upright in heart.
Psalm 97:11

Light is sown for the righteous.
Scattered like seed.
And it will produce light or the promise of it.
We might reap in this life.  Maybe next.

Though we sow in tears, we will reap in joy.
One Fine Day!

DEAR GOD, PLEASE CHANGE ME IN THESE 10,000 MOMENTS.  Illuminate not only my path but also illuminate the matters of my heart.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

July 1 "You Are His Favorite" Psalm 90-95

Oh the beauty of all the names of Psalm 91:1-2
The Most High
The Almighty
My Refuge
My Fortress.
If there breeds any doubt in the fragile nest of your thoughts,
be five-fold more assured of His Love in this verse for you.
Whatever the discussion, the danger, the dilemma, the distress, the difficulty, the dogma.
You have access to the Five-Fold Arms of God today.
Under the Divine Protection.
Under the Same God this day.

A friend texted me as I navigated a rough patch this week.
"You are His Favorite..." and I wept.
That Peculiar Care wrapped up and
thrown on us like a warm blanket.
Falling Forward on a very Good God.
Under His Merciful Hand. 
Even in this.

DEAR GOD, PLEASE CHANGE US IN OUR 10,000 MOMENTS and assure us of Your Love in these things that tug at the corners of our heart.  May we see You sitting on our bed as we arise tossled in the sheets; may we see You standing in the metal doorjams of our day; may we see You bending Your Ear to hear our every conversation; may we see You and Your Heart directing the watercourse of our stories today and always.  Our Love, Me

PHOTO: A tiny town in Colorado. Oh! The Beauty!