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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

"A Signal Token of His Presence" Genesis 27-29

What sets us up for dreams?  I wonder.
Since November 23rd, I've started having startling unspeakable nightmares, night terrors.
Last night it was four back-to-back.  Same theme:  death.
The ingredients of Jacob's dReAm: 
* a tumultuous journey; a guilty conscience; no place for his head *
A rock for a pillow. 
A ladder to climb.
God says:  I am Jehovah, the God of your father and your God.
I will not leave you until I have accomplished all the things I have promised to you.
God is everywhere upholding all things by His Power
but God was here in a special sense. 
A signal token of His Presence darting from the heavens.
Jacob didn't expect to meet God in such a place.
Remember Mary at Christ's elbow and she knew it not. John 20:13.
Genesis 28:16 God is in this place and I knew it not.
May we find Him today between this rock and a hard place for me.  

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

"Longing Conditions" Genesis 25-26

A bargain for a birthright.
Esau owned the birthright by Providence---why wouldn't he want it?
Jacob longed for the birthright by Promise---why wouldn't he wait for it?
It was supposed to be a double portion.
A spiritual birthright of privilege.
A powerful birthright of excellence.
Jacob wanted the spiritual blessings but went about it in an indirect way.
He knew the "smell of the scent" from his tents says M. Henry.
"Those that work with quietness are more constantly and comfortably provided for than those that hunt with noise."  Jacob stepped into the opportunity that Esau let slip through his hairy hands.
"If we use ourselves to deny ourselves, we break the forces of most temptations.
Esau reasoned poorly---I'm going to die.
How many times we all are in "longing conditions" and
have to have what is front of us.
Better to die in longing then live in the disgrace.
I know that feeling thinking I have to have something.
Nothing else will please me. And I'm stuck in that moment.
Two-year-olds are like that.  They have to have the white bear their sibling has.
The cure is the heart.  May we allow nothing to have the mastery of us except One Thing.

Monday, January 7, 2019

"What Are the Competitors & Rivals with Christ for the Sovereignty of the Heart" Genesis 22-24

Abraham loved God more than his father---he left his father's land and all behind.
He went through so many trials and testings.  Doesn't exempt us from further ones.
It's what people give me the hardest saying about:  they really don't want to hear
that one more thing has happened in my life or their own life.  Don't even tell me
is what the mantra seems to be.
But does Abraham love God more than his precious son, Isaac.
He is about to find out.
Abraham.  God calls his name.
"Here I am." What are are you saying to your servant tonight, my Lord?
No one could be prepared for what was about to happen.
Kill your son, Isaac.
God tells Abraham he must have his son, his only son, the son of Sarah.
The son of your laughter.  That one.
Yes, the one who is as your own very soul.
Do it in the land of Moriah, a 3-day journey for you to consider your every step.
With no known reason like other trials where the reasoning was seen.
No delay in any way or form on Abraham's part.
He even distanced himself from his own servants not to intercede or intercept.
A holy willfulness with the heaviest heart carried by any known man on earth.
Abraham bound the hands that had reached out to grab him as his daddy.
The hands that folded in prayer with his dad.  Abraham bound those hands.
The Sun of Righteousness broke through.
Lay not your own hand upon that son.
The answer:  Abraham loved God more than he loved Isaac.
What competes in our heart for the rule of the sovereignty of God?

Sunday, January 6, 2019

"God Rising on Swollen Souls" Genesis 19-21

God visited Sarah in mercy.  Here it is.  His Word.  Not one word falls to the ground. 
Never was I as sure God had visited me than my 3rd and 4th children, Blair and Britt.
I could have died in childbirth with Blair and never wanted another baby again.
Took me one month to even get my strength back after Blair.  But God.
I never imagined that Britt would make it through the turbulent pregnancy.
Yet, He put in my heart a desire for another child after the most difficult 3rd delivery. 
We just didn't know that His time would be 7 years later.  He sets the time not parents. 
God is faithful
to what He has promised and gave me strength to conceive and
to deliver both of my babies. 
Abraham and Sarah both stand up in their old age to listen and honor and obey
the God they had laughed at.  The God they had lied to. 
These are imperfect people whom God loves immensely. 
When God rises on our souls and we embrace Him, the dawning is inconceivable. 
And it just may be in a wilderness, again, like Hagaar.  Sent there by Abraham.
God opens her swollen screaming eyes.  There is a well of water in grace. 
I need comfort this very day from what is being said of me. 
That Same God that opened Hagaar's blinded eyes will open mine to see God's grace.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

“The God Who Sees Everything” Genesis 16-18

She called on the name of God.
She confessed what was happening in her heart.
She gave thanks for the words He spoke to her.
She gave Him a name, an epithet: The God Who Sees Me.
God saw her from the fountain to her flight.
From reproved and recalled, all the workings of her heart.
The Eyes of Sovereignty and Omniscience.
The Eyes of Love and Grace.
The Eyes that see everything we do and
the Mercy that never changes.
Children, God sees it all and promises His Word.

Friday, January 4, 2019

"Headed to A Heavenly Country" Genesis 12-15

My kids live everywhere I am not, except for one. I have to let them go. You spend 18 years together and the chapter ends. How can I live in the present moment without them. I love them so. Know this. We are all called to another country. Move on. Job done. Go on with God. Hold them close forever. 

The Creator of this wide world told Abram to go from his country, from his people, from his father's household to a land God would show. Gen 12:1. 

The Unknown. Don't we sit there in some ways this very day. The Creator God telling us to move, to go, to love, to stop. Why did Abram leave it all. Divine Guidance. His sole decision based on a premise---he was headed to a heavenly country and it was the next stop along the way. 

Reader, go and do likewise. Do your calling. Go with God. Another country.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

"Make A Name For Yourself" Genesis 8-11

We live in such a celebrity society this 2019.
Unspoken pressure unaware to make a name for yourself.
Let us build for ourselves a city so that we may make a name for ourselves.
Genesis 11:4
10,000 fathoms high in the sky, 1 Kingdom.
It's the wrong kingdom to make a name, perpetuate who we are.
May we live transparent and see how we make life center around our name.

Oh God! Open my eyes to see in 2019 how I do the very same name game.
And my prayer for each of you is that you would call on His Name Alone.