Monday, November 20, 2017

November 21 "Go After a Life of Love" 2 Corinthians

Go after a life of love as if your life depended on it,
because it does. I Cor 14:1 The Message.

Love breathes in all the air of your life,
and exhales the grace and comfort that
we have been comforted with. 2 Cor. 1:4.
No selectivity in going after love.
Every moment today where I have not love,
it is relational sin ruling in my heart.
May we go after this life
and face the hard.
"Let what you see, drive you to the precipice of unbelief.
Let what you feel bring you to the brink of despair.
If God exists, He is Good,
His Story is Loving,
His plan is on target.
The Holy Spirit will speak into the deep place in your heart
that only terrifying doubts render accessible.
And in that place, He will anchor you in Hope."  66LL

November 20 "Hold on to Good in Midst of the Maddening" I Corinthians 16

Hold on tightly to this Unfolding Story of Good,
all the while,
walking through the bewildering, maddening, deafening,
shattering disappointment in this life.
Will I trust the Unseen Hand with what I see?
"Only in dark nights will hope burn bright enough
to sustain your faith and release your love." Larry Crabb

I Cor 16:13
Stand firm in the faith!
Be courageous!
Be strong!
Let all that you do be done in love!

November 19 "Unfolding Story" I Corinthians 15

This letter to Corinth ends with resurrection.
Without this hope that
what has begun in this life for you and for me
will be brought to completion in the next,
then we would have no confidence in what we see.
There is no full revelation of God here.
The unfolding story goes on.
Will I trust in this trial that
the Unfolding of God is going forth.
I Cor 15:10 by the grace of God,
I am what I am.

November 18 "Live Tall and Love Well" I Corinthians 14

Follow after love...
This is how the love chapter opens.
Do all things with decency and in order.
This is how the love chapter closes.
Genuine commitment.
Display of God's power.
No personal displays here.
Live tall and love well.
Can the church at Corinth do it?
By His Power within. 

November 17 "Secrets in My Heart" I Corinthians 13

If I have the faith to move a mountain but don't carry love with it,
I. am. nothing. I Corinthians 13:2

One ounce of charity is more than moving mountains.
He is going to disown us if we deny what is going on in our lives.
You can't stand some people.
You avoid your mom.
You don't want to relate to the throw-aways,
especially to the elderly, like me.
We are quick to serve---sometimes.
Let's go feed the homeless and do our part.
Your hands may be open and your heart may be closed.
If you have no true love for God and goodwill to man,
the most costly things you do in life will avail you nothing.
Even suffering.  Even martyrdom.
"The outward carriage may be plausible,
when the inward principle is very bad.
Our principle may work us up to the hardest,
but we might never embrace the True Love.
Do we feel the "sacred heat" in our hearts?
Do I enter into the secrets of my own heart?
Do I treat others with ill will
in open defiance to the law of love?

November 16 "The Best Gifts" I Corinthians 12

"Earnestly desire the best gifts."
Paul shows a most excellent way: namely, mutual love and goodwill.
Here is the way to cement those bragging.
All that pompous powers.
Show them love.
And Paul's love is one of the most true loves.
This is what love looks like.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

November 15 "Dark Nights Hope Burns Bright" 1 Corinthians 11

"Let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of the bread, and drink of the cup."  I Cor 11:58.  Steer clear of every kind of idolatry.  Don't bow down to the idols of others.  Don't do it.  Live tall.  Live well.  Live deep.  May our confidence be in God that we can change.  "Only in dark nights will hope burn bright enough to sustain your faith and release your love."  66LL