Friday, November 28, 2014

November 29 "Dear Author of Peace" 2 Corinthians 13

"Finally, brothers, rejoice. Be perfected, be comforted, be of the same mind, live in peace, and the God of love and peace will be with you. 
Greet one another with a holy kiss. The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s love, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with you all." 2 Cor 13:13. 

"God is the Author of peace and Lover of concord; He has loved us, and is willing to be at peace with us. And let it be our constant aim so as to walk."  M. Henry.

How do you live in peace?
Live holy. Live wholly. 

COME BOLDLY: Timeless Prayers
Dear Holy Spirit, Giver of Life & Author of Peace. Grant us this day an abiding place of peace we know not. Help us live genuine and gentle and giant. To God be the Glory. Peace that is greater than all our sin. 

PHOTO:  Standing at this shoreline watching the sunrise. Oh to know what peace looks like when those you love walk away. 

November 28 "Grab His Grace" 2 Corinthians 11, 12

If I could tell you one verse that summed up what I have learned that took almost a lifetime, it would be this one:

"I will most gladly spend and be spent for your souls.  If I love you more abundantly, am I loved the less?"  2 Cor 12:15.  Maybe it's cause I over-evaluate what happens to me every day of my life.  If I look at the confounded faces, if I look at the confusing circumstances, if I look at the caustic whispers, if I look at the charming losses---I will miss the unstoppable grace of God.  Turn the tables of thought.  Instead of what is happening to me, make it what am I doing to them.  How can I be spent for you?  Let the words, the deeds, the actions that are not so genuine run off the back of my soul.  Most Gladly.  Spend this one singular life of mine on those who are "missing" me; on those who never ever say they are wrong; on those who don't seem to know I am even in the room.  Spend.  Be spent.  Most gladly.  For the Love of Christ constrains us.

And He said to me: "My Grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."  So, it's okay that I still don't have this all together.  Who does?  Raise your hand!  We are all called to spend on those near and far; dear and marred; in peace and war.  So, whatever happens today, grab His Grace for that weakness to love and be spent.

COME BOLDLY:  Timeless Prayers
Oh Father, this so grips my heart.  Let me learn a little better this day how to live this moment by moment.  For I discern the looks, the glares, the words, the stares to be not so quite on my side.  Let me find a deeper grace in this day to spend myself more---most gladly not glum.  Please come.


Thursday, November 27, 2014

November 27 "Waging War" 2 Corinthians 10

It's a Beautiful Thanksgiving Day.
I'm more aware of what stirs in me that is not right, not thoughts my God wants me to know.
And the enemies of my soul seem to be very aware---they consider me walking according to the flesh---2 Cor 10:2.  And I stand showing courage with confidence and I intend to live very bold before them, before you.  Even knowing what stirs in my heart---for I will wrestle with what is true.  I will find my God in even this.  I already have in so many ways. And we do not wage war according to the flesh.  I'm dealing with this according to this Beautiful Written Word.

Mighty before God.
Throwing down strongholds.
Throwing down imaginations.
Every lofty thing exalted against the Knowledge of God.
Bringing every thought captive. 2 Cor 10:5

So, how in the world do you do that?
"Do you look at things only as they appear in front of your face?" 2 Cor 10:8
Consider this.
And let us boast in the Lord.
For He has done great things in us and through us.
And He will never stop.

COME BOLDLY:  Timeless Prayers
Dear Father, We must hold low thoughts of ourselves, humble lives, aware of our infirmities, so aware.  Our work is a spiritual warfare not fought in our flesh.  Help me not to look at things today only as they appear in front of my face.  For they will.  It is your Word that gains the victory.  "Observe the conquest the Word of God gains.  The appointed means, however feeble they appear to some, will be mighty through God." (M.Henry).  And this preaching of the Cross of Christ----always "fatal to idolatry, impiety, and wickedness." And let it start with me today.

PHOTO:A newborn. A fresh face of God. No worries. No cares. Yet this little life will wrestle with things of God. May all of us wage war not in our flesh but in our spirits. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November 26 "Abounding Grace" 2 Corinthians 8, 9

The old adage, well-worn words: "What I gave I kept; what I kept I lost." Anon
It is the appeal of this apostle. Take care of those with need.

Maclaren writes:

Our very life as a Christian is an outflow from the Fountain of Life, the giving God.
"All Grace . . . All Sufficiency . . . All Things . . . Every Good Work.
"The writer emphatically accumulates words that express universality."
It is all grace---and it is Abounding Grace."
The stooping and pardoning Grace of God.

"And God is able to make all grace abound to you, that you, always having all sufficiency in everything, may abound to every good work." 2 Cor 9:8.

COME BOLDLY: Timeless Prayers
Dear Father, You bent Your Ear to our lives this day.  You stooped down and rescued us, once again.  It is truly All Grace.  Abounding Grace.  And we need More of You.  

PHOTO:  Stood under sultry skies with my daughter.  Wide-open spaces.  Wide-eyed.  Welcoming a new life into this world.  Wonder beyond knowing.  A stooping and sovereign God!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 25 "Right-Now Grace" 2 Corinthians 7

Godly sorrow produces repentance to salvation. Life. 2 Cor 7:10.
So, having these promises from God.
Let us cleanse ourselves from what controls us, what defiles us.
Perfect holiness in the fear of God. 2 Cor 7:1

It is right to be disconcerted over what bothers us about how we act wrongly.
His Right-Now Grace purifies.

"Holiness should be the object of our constant prayers." Matthew Henry

COME BOLDLY:  Timeless Prayers
Dear Father, Make us a holy people.  Our nation mourns tonight.  May godly sorrow produce the fruits of righteousness in many.  May we have true zeal for what is eternal and what matters there, not here in this world.  May we long for You, the Mighty One, more than what we think is right in our own eyes.  

PHOTO:  It's a dark day in America.  God takes care of those who are cast down.  May we weep with those who weep this day.  God is ever-present.

Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24 "The Bad Can't Conquer all This Goodness" 2 Corinthians 5, 6

We are servants of God. May we remember that honor in any trial.
For in this world, we live by faith. 2 Cor 5:7
In the next world, we will live by sight. Not yet, though.

So, we always make it our aim to be well pleasing to our Lord.

For what constrains us? It's the Love of God that constrains this day. 2 Cor 5:14.

But, in everything, commend yourself as a servant of God. 2 Cor 6:4.
And live aware of your impact on others. What stirs within you.

And look at things Unseen. Look off.

For, the Goodness of this God we serve can never be proved by the circumstances we face today. Good or bad. All the bad can never conquer the Goodness of God in all of our lives.

COME BOLDLY: Timeless Prayers

Father, may we live today looking off from what we see, trusting blindly in what we do not know. May we live today constrained by Your Love.

PHOTO: The tracks around the corner. This journey. Servants of God. All that is wrong will never conquer God's Goodness towards me.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 23 "Look Off" 2 Corinthians 4

"Look off" from what you see.  All these trials here are temporary.  This faith we hold is what gives us the power to make the right decisions and form the true judgments of how to move in love.

"The grace of faith is an effectual remedy against fainting in times of trouble." Matthew Henry.

For our light affliction, which is for the moment, works for us more and more exceedingly an eternal weight of glory; while we don't look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen.  2 Cor 4:17-18.   #eternalthings

Look off.

COME BOLDLY:  Timeless Prayers
Oh Father, it is so true.  I dwell in the place of looking at what is seen, what the world deems important, what I am not.  Make me look off---how can I humble myself under the Power of Your Great Name and Hand and Word and Love?  I am bombarded with this world of mine.  May I find what it means to walk in faith in the good times and the hard times.  What does it mean for me this day to "look off"?

PHOTO:  There are so many Beautiful Things in my life right now.  And so much sadness.  May I learn a little bit better this day to "look off" for these things I face are all temporary.