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Sunday, June 17, 2018

"Tender to the Word" Nehemiah 7-9, Acts 3

They were so tender to the Word of God ... they cried when it was read.
I just love that! And I so want that!
That I would cry more over the Word than over my circumstance.
And God said, don't grieve.
The joy of the Lord is your strength.
It is the strength that comes from knowing Him and His Word.
Make it your chief study again cause I need the Strength
that only He can give.  I just hit another low! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

"The Net of The Gospel is Strong" Ezra 6-8, John 21

The disciples were at work, doing what they know how to do well.   It is good to be hard at work, blinders on, having good conversations. Jesus does Something for them that only He could do.

While they were minding their business, in the midst of their unbelievable loss.
Throw your net on the right side of the boat, says the Risen Lord. John 21:6
the haul was so great, so large in number, yet held woven tight and strong safe.

The net of the Gospel houses all of us who have professed we love Him more than earthly things.
 We, too, are tight and safe, even though our labor of love may be crossed (one day it will be crowned).

Look at how they all honor Jesus differently.  John spoke. Peter swam.  Some dragged their net; some hauled it to shore. 
I don't look like everyone else in my love. 
Take care of my own business. Renew my own sorrows. 
Make me more humble and watchful in light of my past sins. 
May any remembrance of past sin renew my sorrow.

    Tuesday, June 12, 2018

    "His Devoted Love Hears" Ezra 3-5, John 20

    Jesus knew everything about Mary---her past, her present.
    And His First Words are to this devoted love.
    He spoke.
    He still speaks.
    And it isn't to the celebrity famous on IG He is speaking tonight.
    It is to me.
    Reading His Word.
    Like Mary, we are free from "the thraldom of evil"
    which was bought for me.
    It was Mary at the tomb.
    The disciples had already gone home.
    "The voice of God is always most quickly heard by the hearts that love Him;
    the presence of God is never so truly felt as in the utter helplessness of human woe."
    Matthew Henry

    Monday, June 11, 2018

    "Sun Rises and Sets No More" Ezra 1-2, John 19:23-42

    I walked into the stark silent tomb and looked right.  He wasn't there.  The supposed cloth shrewn onto the cold floor.  No pomp and circumstance.  Still quiet of the evening.  "Here lies our surety under arrest for our debts, so that if he be released his discharge will be ours. Here is the Sun of righteousness set for awhile, to rise again in greater glory, and set no more. Here lies a seeming captive to death, but a real conqueror over death; for here lies death itself slain, and the grave conquered." M. Henry. The Sun will rise again. That Sun will set no more.  

    Sunday, June 10, 2018

    "Love Him and Live to Him" 2 Chronicles 34-36, John 19:1-22

    He was led forth that we might escape.
    No crime committed.
    Matthew called it an accusation.
    Mark and Luke called it an epigraph, an inscription.
    John called it a title.
    A titular king.
    Posted in 3 languages right at the door of their city.
    Always at the door of our hearts.

    "See him bleeding, see him struggling, see him dying, see him and love him, love him and live to him, and study what we shall render." M. Henry

    Saturday, June 9, 2018

    "Live A Life of Love in the Garden" 2 Chronicles 32-33, John 18:19-40

    Didn't I see him with you in the garden?
    No! Peter denies friendship with Christ again.
    Peter had to feel convicted from the first denial.
    But here, he does it all over again.  And don't we too.
    What Peter didn't know about at this point---
    even if suffering gets worse, live a life of love.
    Even if identifying with Christ costs us our lives,
    live a life of truth.  Do whatever it takes to 
    advance His Kingdom whatever garden you are in.

    Friday, June 8, 2018

    "Our Greatest Good" 2 Chronicles 30-31, John 18:19-40

    You aren't one of his disciples, Peter, are you?
    No.  Not at all.  John 18:17
    Peter is about to look very deeply into himself and repent.
    His terror caused him to secure the safety net.
    Distance yourelf from Christ---that was his goal.
    But there is something worse than terror, worse than pain,
    worse than this terribly difficult life I'm living.
    It's believing that the good life is our greatest blessing.
    So, when things are going well, no need of Him.
    So, when things are going south, all hands on deck.
    Not for Relationship with Him, the Ultimate
    but for the Good Life, thinking that is the greatest good.
    He is our Greatest Good!