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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 23 "Loosed By His Power by a sorry jaw-bone" Judges 13-15

Matthew Henry wrote: "Sin dispirits men; it hides from their eyes the things that belong to their peace." When the Spirit of God came upon Samson, his cords were loosed. Some say it is a foreshadowing of Christ in the grave, loosed by the chains of death, set free, triumph over darkness. The victory for Samson was common means---the jawbone of an animal slew a thousand. And God confounds the wicked through the foolish things of this world. "If you see a poor Christian who is enabled to overcome a temptation by weak, feeble counsel, there is the Philistine vanquished by a sorry jaw-bone." M. Henry. Tonight my body is engulfed in a battle for my health. Four days of fever. Can't keep anything down. Bacterial infection wracks havoc on my body. May I overcome the temptations that face me, the sin that dispirits me in the midst of even this small haunting thing. We are loosed by His power not by plan or cleverness or our own might. By His Power. How many times do I ask? How did this just happen? "A sorry jaw-bone."

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