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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 22 "Save Me From Myself" Judges 10-12

Judges 10:1 - Abimilech debauched Isreal with evil, disquieted Israel with ambition, disturbed Israel's very peace.  Then, God raises up a good man to reform the abuses, stop the idolatry, and heal the wounds.  This new judge saved them from themselves.  And it should be our very hope, too.  May God save us from ourselves---from wanting ambition in this celebrity world; from wanting ministry success in this storied mission; from wanting to live in this present life more than dealing with daily repentance; from wanting more than God and what He has planned and offered to each of us.  Save us from oursleves.  

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  1. the Lord, the Judge

    Let us remember that the LORD God is forever our Judge. Our life is ours to live, but our eternity is His to grant.