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Sunday, March 12, 2017

March 13 "Sun Stand Still" Joshua 9-11

The Gibeonites sent word to Joshua at Gilgal:  Don't abandon us! Help! All of the Amorite kings have joined forces against us.  Joshua 10:6

Joshua gathered his best fighting men and marched up all-night from Gilgal and surprised them.  But it's what the LORD says to Joshua that trumps everything:  "Do not be afraid of them.  Not one of them will be able to withstand you."  Joshua 10:8

Joshua and the Israelites completely defeated them.  And the LORD hurled huge hailstones down on them and God gave the Amorites over to Israel.

And right smack dab in front of Israel, Joshua said:  "Sun, stand still.  And you, moon." Joshua 10:13.  Until the nation avenged itself.  Never has there been a day like this, before or since, when the Lord listened to a human being.  "Surely the LORD was fighting for Israel." Joshua 10:14.  

Surely, the Lord is fighting for you.

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