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Saturday, March 11, 2017

March 12 "Read The Word" Joshua 5-8

“Loving God and being faithful to His Plan requires hating everything in you that is opposed to God, everything about you that wants someone or something besides God to have first place in your life.  You’ll need help discerning what that is,” wrote Larry Crabb.  My friend, Larry, has helped me discern so much about my life.  One beautiful thing is that it is all about living in the moment---not living for Promised Lands but living for Another Land. Living for the Living Word. And Joshua read every word of the law to his people. Joshua 8:35. Every word.  

PHOTO:  Flying 34,000 feet above tonight.  Oh the beauty!  Thinking about Plan A for my life.  And it will always involve "reading the Word."

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