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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

February 8 "Ocular Traditions" Leviticus 22-23

A call to rest. A call to worship. How blessed are the people who worship you! O LORD, Psalm 89:15. They experience your favor. The festivals. Holy times. Feasts.  To honor the name of our God.  Not appointed by man but sanctified to be a holy day by God.  Observed not just by the priests but by all of the people.  The people withdrew from the affairs and the business of the world.  They knew what it meant to have a holy day.  We know not.  "The sabbath of the Lord in our homes will be our beauty, strength, and safety; it will sanctify, edify, and glorify each of us. May we rest from sin and follow you."  Henry.  

PHOTO: It's the spot where I learned some really hard news. Our rest is in God alone. 


    I found a beautiful chart of the feasts at the link above. I am printing it to put in my Bible.

  2. I would have liked to live in a time where these festivals were celebrated with rejoicing. Maybe in heaven...