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Sunday, February 5, 2017

February 5 "Spiritual Leprosy" Leviticus14-15

The priests couldn't heal. All these regulations. How could they remember. But, Henry says: If we apply this to the spiritual leprosy of sin, it intimates that when we withdraw from those who walk disorderly, we must not count them as enemies, but admonish them as brethren. And I just love that thought.  The leprosy of sin---I've been made to feel that way.  Like a leper.  May I never count them as my enemy but treat them as a friend---and a friend gives admonishments, too. 

PHOTO: Peace like a river.  The place where I go to pray for my enemies.  Day in, Day out.  The place where I work.

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  1. So sorry it didn't publish last night. Hope this is the last time I'll say that this year. ;)