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Monday, February 6, 2017

February 6 "FirstThings" Lev 16-18

Do not defile yourself. Lev 18:30. Revolve your life around first things. Be holy. Marriage, money, and cancer are 2nd things. What do I want more than holiness? 

PHOTO: Revolve your life around eternity


  1. We fall so short of God's Law. In a million ways, we are reminded that we do not measure up. And Aaron's sons. . .Holiness is not to be taken lightly. Christ didn't come to abolish the Law but to fulfill it. He made a way to make it all good again. He became the Way to Himself.

    The Law always overwhelms me as I read--especially the priest's duties and how dangerous it was. One slip up and you could die. So thankful that He became our High Priest. The Atonement was settled by His Perfect Work on the cross. Isn't it beautiful how everything points to Him! How Life is found in Christ alone.

  2. 28 And if you defile the land, it will vomit you out as it vomited out the nations that were before you.

    29 “‘Everyone who does any of these detestable things—such persons must be cut off from their people.

    I thought this was an interesting word picture: the land vomiting out the people because they had defiled the land.

    My prayer today:
    LORD, have mercy on us when we deserve none.