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Friday, February 3, 2017

February 4 "Name Your Sin" Leviticus 11-13

You must distinguish between the unclean and the clean." Leviticus 11:47.  Name the sin that separates us from God.  "The toughest part of My plan, the part that is costliest to God, is to make me holy." 66 LL. All these regulations!  They couldn't enter the Presence of God "as is."  This theme of offerings is all about how Jesus is the only Way.  The core message of Leviticus is to make us  holy.  May we distinguish between all the things we deal with.  May we long for holiness as much as our next breath.  May I desire to be holy in my current situation more than I want to figure out what to do to improve it, change it, eradicate it.  Help us to distinguish between good and evil.  Make us a holy people. 

PHOTO: Church of the Martyrs. A holy moment standing here knowing the stories of holy people. 


  1. It is amazing how much they understood about skin diseases back then.

    I am the LORD your God; consecrate yourselves and be holy, because I am holy.

    Therefore be holy, because I am holy.

    I feel terribly inferior when I read these words, because on my own I can never be holy. It is only through God's grace and Christ's sacrifice that I can ever attain this sort of holiness.

    My prayer today:
    LORD, have mercy on me a sinner. Cover me with your grace and the shed blood of Jesus that I might be made holy in your sight.

  2. I loved reading 66LL with you a few years ago. Just pulled a quote from it: "I want you to realize that I never underestimated how thoroughly you’d mess up your life or how painfully you would struggle and suffer, and I don’t want you to underestimate your failures or struggles either. They’re all part of the story I’m telling. “But neither have I underestimated my determination or ability to enter both the mess you’ve made and the pain you feel, then turn everything around. I can, and I will, make everything good again. Never underestimate me.”

    All of this so we could be restored to Him. Holiness couldn't be compromised, but He made everything good again...