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Thursday, January 7, 2016

January 8 "Die Happy Surrounded by Darkness" Genesis 25-26

My Dear Loves, "Abram died happy." Three little words that capture that the guy was caught up in the Larger Story.  We can roller-coaster our way through this life.  Up by our successes; down by what others think of us or don't even glance our way.  Abram saw deceitful Jacob and conniving Esau.  His happiness didn't depend on his children turning out right.  Let's all end our lives well.  We helped create the messes we are in.  May our sins drive us to a Grand God with a Grand Plan!

PHOTO:  Whispering a little thought to the bride. I didn't think I would make it through cancer to see this day.  Often, people say that they want to see their children graduate, or marry, or have little ones. It's a beautiful place but there's so much more.  It's too small.  May we long like Abraham to die happy regardless of our circumstances like cancer.  When cancer knocked on my door, somehow I learned from Larry that our goal is not to eradicate or reverse our circumstances ordained by God and His Sovereign Hand.  I wonder if it's the very thing God allowed ... and intends to use in our lives to make us more like Him..  Our goal is to find God in the middle of this messy life.  And if your mother is a mess, it just means I see that I need God all the more.

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  1. Esau despised his birthright, considered it worthless compared to a meal. He then wailed when he discovered he lost his blessing. Can I act in the same manner? Have I always treasured what the Lord has given me or treated it as something I could ignore for like working harder to make more money to fill my home and closet with status symbols? Of course wondering why God is not moving in my life...I remember the 1980's well.