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Sunday, January 3, 2016

January 4 "One of the First Prayers in the Bible" Genesis 12-15

Dear Boys, The best thing you can do to lead your families---Abraham lifted up his eyes and called on the name of the Lord. Gen 13:4.  Lot lifted up his eyes and called on the earth to be good to him. Gen 13:10. Lift up your eyes to The One! I pray we all call upon the name of the Lord whenever we make decisions, and in every decision of every day.

PHOTO:  Boys: Britt: I remember the big boy pulling a little red wagon when he was 2 helping his momma unload the car.  And the little 1-year-old boy on Britt's shoulders, Ezekiel, well we love his every move throwing balls and peas and blocks and cars.  

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  1. We see it all in today's reading. Leaving the family. Routing the enemy. Turning down a reward. An encounter with Melchizedek. A covenant with the Lord. Abram was no spring chick at this time. God had so much in store for him, so much still to come.

    Don't throw in the towel and say I am too old for this. Let God use you to advance His kingdom. Keep your eyes on the finish line.