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Monday, January 4, 2016

January 5 "You Are The One Who Sees Me" and I Hope I'm Undone - Genesis 16-18

Dear Precious Ones, Oh how I pray that you would know God by name, the God Who Sees You (Gen 16:13) today and forever.  May He show up (Gen 18:1) for you whether you are sitting at the door of your house like Abraham or turning back from anything that keeps you away from God like the immoral Hagar.  My hope for all of you is that you make things right when you mess up.  And we all mess up. I'm still learning that it's so important what I do with what I see in my heart. Hagar went back to the place where she was wrong.  I remember standing in the garage with Barrett when he was about 10, owning up to a little something.  Funny, how you remember the spot.  With infrequent tears, he melted at his dad's words.  May we all melt at our Father's Words to us.  It's a Beautiful God Who Sees You all today.  And He knows.  And He cares.

PHOTO:  A little fella on a skateboard.  Barrett owned up quicker to wrongs than most any child I knew.  Undone.  May we all have this kind of childlike faith.  (Aunt Piggy's house in the background.)

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  1. God knows the desire of our hearts. He promised Abram a son, and in human impatience Sarai had a plan to hasten things along, and the plan failed. It can be so hard to wait on God to move though we know His timing is perfect.

    Annette H