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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 16 "The Gospel Glass" James 1

Count it pure joy when you encounter all kinds of various trials. James 1:2
God honors us, entrusts us with his best in all situations.
Life isn't measured by the ups-and-downs, the even keeled.

We cannot live in the rise-and-fall of second causes.
Wrap your hearts and minds and actions around eternity interests.
Look into the mirror of the Word of God and you will have to do something about your life.
The Gospel Glass reflects our true character, our eternal values.
We must respond to the smooth sleek silk of the Word of God and its ribbons of grace.

DEAR GOD:  PLEASE CHANGE ME IN MY 10,000 MOMENTS of all kinds of various things and trials sweeping and slipping our way. May we look into that Gospel Glass and grasp the truth and work it out into our hearts and hands and minds and words.  May we not succumb to the worldliness.

PHOTO:  Sometimes the sea is as smooth as glass.  The Gospel Glass looks deeply into the intents of our hearts.  What will we do in the rough seas of our lives?  Will we walk away from the Gospel Glass not remembering the truth.  Hold unswervingly in trials for your have Power to the uttermost of the roughest of days.

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