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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 16 "Are These Things So?" Acts 7, 8:1-25

This Word of God is increasing! Acts 6:7.
And even the hardest of criminals was not able to resist the wisdom and spirit by which they spoke. Acts 6:10.  Until...the criminals concoct their next move.

And we open with Chapter 7.
The high priest felt the tremors beneath his own feet as no one stopped a Resurrected Life,
he saw the bones strengthened in the feet of a a 40-year stepless son,
he heard the jail cell chains fall to the ground reverberating a free pass for the Followers . . .
And, now, he hears Stephen, full of faith and power and wonder and persuasion.
And all he can ask is this:  "Are these things so?" Acts 7:1.

High Priests words dispel their own doubts and evident fears for they must wrestle with the Divine, the Wonder, the Light, the Truth.  Are these things so?  He simply wishes them not to be of any weight.  How can high priests ignore their own soul?  Soul amnesia.

COME BOLDLY:  Timeless Prayers
Father, Reveal to us how we allow our doubts and fears to attach to things of this world as far too important.  How could Stephen have reached down so deep, pressed in so hard to You, to be willing to stand when stoned.  He bowed his knees to You, begging not for his own life but begging for the life of those who are throwing the stones at him.  Enlarge our hearts, O God, to trust You in the midst of our own stonings, no matter how small in comparison.

PHOTO:  The Atlantic Ocean.  This kind of calm pervades this son, Stephen.  Oh God!  We know not.

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