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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 15 "IF" Acts 5, 6

If this is from God. 

Then you won't be able to stand. 

"If God is the 'Author' of this religion. From this it seems that Gamaliel supposed that it was at least possible that this religion was divine. He evinced a far more candid mind than did the rest of the Jews; but still it does not appear that he was entirely convinced." John Gibbs

How could a witness to a Resurrection not stagger our life?

How could a lame man of 40 years walking into the Sanctuary not bewilder us with wonder? 

How could an angel unlocking a cell to free the apparent innocent not shock unlocked?

The Almighty is Here. 

COME BOLDLY: Timeless Prayers
Oh Father. Help our unbelief. 

PHOTO:  No one can raise a sun, a body, the crippled, the broken. Only Him. 
A Resurrection. A Healing. A Breakthrough. 
Only explained in terms of God. 

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  1. The words that popped into my head..."they will know that I AM God"......