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Thursday, October 16, 2014

October 17 "A Chosen Vessel" Acts 8:26-40, Acts 9

"Who are You, Lord?" asks Saul in Acts 9:5---this one who asks is:
the unmerciful young man who applauded Stephen's stoning, 7:58
the proud Pharisee who wreaked hail and havoc on the church, 8:3
the heartless blasphemer whose very breath slew slaughter, thrashed threats, 9:1.
No one would believe that this wretch could now be a follower.

"A chosen vessel unto God."  Acts 9:15.
And I weep.
I weep for myself
who has been saved from myself.
I weep for my children
who need to be saved from themselves.
I weep for us all.
That we may bear The Name.
"This Signal Token of the Divine Favor of God,
by inward working of His Grace" (M. Henry)
in all of us!

We all admire things on this earth more than God.
We all want things more than we want God.
That's evident of the problem of man.

COME BOLDLY:  Timeless Prayers
Father,Would you open this day, this year, opportunities for us to want You, to serve You----may we study and show our lives approved by You.  You sent Philip to a desert and you've sent some of us, too.  May we learn here from those in our very midst.  We pause before You, our Signal Token Keeper.  We ask you to make these words You have written clear and purpose-filled for each of us as we face our journeys through deserts.  Let the strangers we find here crack push through our very soul.


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