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Monday, October 13, 2014

October 14 "Stand Up" Acts 3, 4

So, did this weathered jobless helpless man hold hope for forty years that Someone would come to help him.  Stir the pool and if you get in in time, you're cooked perfectly.  Was there no one who cared enough to help him in?  Or is that another story?

Another Divine Appointment.  And Peter hears the Still Small Voice behind him.  In the Name of this Jesus of Nazareth.  Acts 3:6.  The Author of Life that they hung on a tree.  The Giver of Life that longs to be good to us.  The Breath of Life that keeps us going in a beautiful direction, turned around from our sins.  And so to each of us, this day, The Author says:  Stand Up and Walk. Your sins will be wiped out.  No More are you crippled by what you've done wrong.  In Jesus Name.  Whether the wrestle is forty years or forty days or forty minutes or forty seconds.  You can stand again in wholeness.

And when the town sees this Courage of Peter to heal in His Name.  This town looks to Jesus of Nazareth and they believe.  5,000.  Acts 4:4.  For they see real courage from the young man who denied even knowing his Friend, Jesus of Nazareth. 

COME BOLDLY:  Timeless Prayers
Father, we all wrestle with sin today, every day.  May we call upon Your Name to walk tall.  We may lose our jobs, our friends, our family relationships----stir the pool in our hearts that we may stand this day in wholeness.

PHOTO: Just waiting for Someone to help. Waiting on God. 


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