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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Psalm 15:4 and John 9:5 "Light of the World" (May 24)

I used to think that God gave me my portion in life and I just had to accept it.
I do not think that way any longer.
The LORD is my chosen portion. Psalm 16:5
Big difference for me.

Help me, O God, to speak truth from my heart not just my lips
Strengthen me to swear to my own hurt and never change.  Psalm 15:4
Bless you LORD Who gives me counsel.
Make me aware every single night of my heart instructing me. Psalm 16:7
Thank You for making known the path of life.  Psalm 16:11

Some are born blind on the path of life
That the works of God might be displayed. John 9:3.
Would you welcome a Stranger into your face?
Rubbing the Smell of Dirt on your blind eyes?
Telling you to go to Siloam---a place you've never seen.

The no-named blind man risked a lot.
Sure, he gained his sight, but he
Lost his job begging for money
Lost his reputation being healed on the Sabbath
Lost his credibility in the community---he was never really blind.
Lost his parents support---they threw him under the bus.
But look what he gained:  The Sight & Light of the World. John 9:5


  1. Just imagine, the first face the blind man ever saw was the face of Jesus. The first eyes the blind man looked into were the eyes of God.

  2. I will not be shaken. Even when I (it) hurts. He holds me securely. I have a beautiful inheritance in Him. You, Lord, fill me with joy in Your presence.

  3. Wow, Jan, never really thought of that before...the first face/eyes that man saw was The face of God. How beautiful. That thought will stay with me for quite a while. There are so many walking around who see with their physical but are so blind to reality. May my eyes see Him today in a brand new way.
    Thanks Bev for the "vision" of Him being my portion, I too had thought that God had given me my portion in life and that it was what it was....but to think of Him being my chosen portion is awesome and so freeing. I do see Him all over my life and the behind the scenes things that He has orchestrated that all worked for my good and I am blessed over and over and I am doing my best to seek Him for Himself and not for what He can do for me.

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  5. I have spent the last 4 days at an International Mission Conference. It has been such an amazing experience, surrounded by missionaries and people who love God and are looking for ways to serve Him.
    I was particularly drawn to workshops about human trafficking. As I listened and saw the powerpoints, I was filled with such love for the victims, I started to cry. I never felt such pure and overwhelming love for strangers before.
    Then last evening, I felt God's call on my heart. I knew if I had to say yes, totally and completely to Him. Today I realized, that's what He wanted from me all my life, just to say "Yes" to Him. He doesn't want to hear; "I'll think about it, or "maybe later, God". Just a simple "yes".

  6. That convicts me, too, Jan. "Not now, Lord" is really what I'm saying. I'm reminded of the verse, "Let your yes be yes and your no be no." Mat. 5:37

    He is our portion and a beautiful inheritance.