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Sunday, May 6, 2012

I Sam 30:6 and Luke 24:31-32 "Bring Me The Ephod" (May 6)

There are things we do to ourselves and we are responsible for our actions.  There are things God allows to happen to us and His Provision always takes care of us, according to His Way.  But to hear of David's plight in the ending chapters of I Samuel is so much.  David learns of the Amalekites' raid on Ziklag---home of his wives and daughters.  They're all gone.  No wives at home waiting with a hot meal.  Captured!  David becomes greatly distressed because the people of his town now want to stone him for getting them in this mess. 

So, what does David do?  I Samuel 30:6 - "David strengthened himself in the LORD, his God."  Wonder what that means for me this day?  "Bring me the ephod! And David inquires of the the LORD---what shall we do?

Luke 24:31-32 Their hearts burned within them as the Risen Christ opened up the Scriptures burned within them and the Risen LORD opened their eyes.

Hearts burning within.  Not only did David contend with a father-in-law gone made but a city gone wild.  Yet, he remained a man tethered, grasped, kept.  The Scriptures burned within him. 

And all this fighting costs King Saul his life.  I climbed a treacherous hill (for me) at Beth-shan and stood on the tippity top of that huge mound where the Philistines fastened the headless body of Saul to the wall overlooking both sides of the valley to send a message.  And I thought about the Scriptures burning within my own soul.  And how alive I am to God.  And what it really means for me to strengthen myself in the LORD.  To inquire of Him.  Bring me the ephod.

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