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Friday, May 4, 2012

I Sam 29:5 and Luke 23:51 "Looking For The Kingdom" (May 4)

I am looking for the Kingdom of God.

Luke 23:51 ~Joseph of Arimethea was "looking for the Kingdom."
What a way to live your life.   Is there any other way to live?

David was looking for the Kingdom in I Samuel.
Trying to live right before a holy God.
Don't kill my lord, my king
My betrayer.

David was willing to fight for the Philistines.
But would he kill the Israelites?
A mercenary gone mad.
Go home.

And for the third mention of the mantra concerning David:
I Samuel 29:5 ~ "Is not this David,
of whom they sing to one another in dances,
‘Saul has struck down his thousands, and David his ten thousands’?”
Three mentions!  You know Saul thinks about this way too much.
What about me?
Do I think about the success of others with delight or disgust.
Leave this in the lap of the LORD we so love.

What do these verses really mean for us today?
Am I looking for the Kingdom of God or
Am I looking for the Kingdom here on earth?


  1. And these are two kingdoms very divided of which you speak. You cannot serve both. And one will surely betray you. And One will surely save.

    Do we run from the ugly things in this life, even when they're holy, appointed events? "And all his acquaintances and the women who had followed him(Jesus) from Galilee stood at a distance watching these things."

    When the going gets tough do we fear more for ourselves? There will be a test for all of us. Where do I stand? Strong in the Lord, or trembling with fear of man? I know which Kingdom I serve. Will my actions betray me? Lord forbid it.

    I'm so much a Peter spouting off words with my mouth then hearing the rooster crow to remind me of my broken promises. Let my actions be aligned with the Truth that is within me to solely serve the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  2. Your thoughts today convicted as well as blessed me today. While I am looking for/seeking Him, I am still wanting the circumstances to change. They may be
    "appointed events" and I am beings asked to stand strong and continue on in faith.