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Friday, May 4, 2012

I Sam 24:10 and Luke 23:5 "What Stirs in You" (May 4)

What stirs in you?  What is the energy behind your words, your thoughts, your actions this day?

Is it the Energy of Christ, Col 1:29.  Or is it the energy of your flesh that doesn't want to suffer, doesn't want to look bad.

Luke 23:5 talks about what the people said about this Galilean carpenter who fixes more than just furniture.  He fixes broken hearts.  "He stirs up the people, teaching throughout all Judea, from Galilee even to this place.”  And that teaching has reached our hearts this day.

From David in a cave being stirred by God to spare the life of his father-in-law who is seeking to murder him, I Sam 24:8-10.  David who says to Saul:  Why do you listen to the words of men? I am going to do you good, not evil for evil, for what stirs in me is the Mighty God...

From rich men in trees stealing money from the community and stealing a look at this Christ...

From poor lame, blind men who can't feel, touch, see their way...

From Jesus surrendering to a cross for the sins of the world...

All the way to me, this moment in history.

What stirs in me this day?

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  1. Thinking about David's response to some peer pressure to kill Saul and Pilate's response to put Jesus to death. Really, peer pressure and the power of persuasion, versus the understanding from God and the right thing to do--

    David knew the right thing to do. He would not put out his hand against Saul, the Lord’s anointed. With two opportunities, he showed the Lord that his allegiance was to Him.

    Pilate had the opportunity to set things right, and he knew Jesus was not guilty, but he handed Him over and sealed his fate.

    Lots to think about in my responses. My allegiance is to the Lord.