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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Sam 23:4 Psa 54:4 63:3 Luke 22:61 "Upholder of My Life" (May 3)

Where are you today?
Fleeing from your enemies.
Coasting with your friends.
Feeling good about yourself.
Where are you this day?

David is hiding from his father-in-law.
He hears that a city needs his help, his men.
David saves the city of Keilah.
Yet, instead of wearning a hero's halo,
David hears Keilah's betraying words.
We are willing to turn you over to Saul.

Why do I think things don't make sense.
Why do I think life isn't fair.
Because it's not.
So, I want to pay very close attention to
what David does next ...
"David inquires of the LORD" I Sam 23:4
Who leads Him to the Rock of Escape from Saul.

Psalm 63:3 "Your Steadfast Love is better than life."
In the watches of the night, what does David do?
He meditates on His God not his dilemma.
"Behold, God is my Helper,
the LORD is the Upholder of my Life."
Not, IF the enemy goes away, IF evil leaves me alone.
No matter what, the LORD is the Upholder not man.


  1. Today I am reminded to continually seek Him and of the promise if I do He will be there, He is steadfast, He sustains, He listens, He helps, He upholds. His lovingkindness is better than life.

  2. David's heart touches me so. His understanding and faith that God is for him, that He loves him, that all his strength depends on Gods favor toward him. David's heart understands betrayal, death threats, people, family no less, letting him down. But David's heart looks to God as his sole Provider.

    "for He has delivered me from every trouble."

    And Peter this day denies that he even knows Jesus before men. The rooster crows to mark the remembrance and Peter weeps at his broken promise to the Lord. David acknowledges. Peter denies. Both are redeemed by His precious Blood.

    Break our hearts to weep, Lord, for the things that break Yours. Show us Your tender mercies. Remind us of Your deliverances. Your Grace is magnificent. Your Lovingkindness is better than Life.