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Monday, May 14, 2012

2 Sam 15:31/ Psa 69:4/ Psa 3:3 "Lifter of My Head" (March 14)

If anyone knew betrayal, it's David.  Now, his eldest son, Absalom conspires against him.  Oh my goodness. 

2Samuel 15:31 David prays to God to turn Ahithophel's advice to David to foolishness---but it didn't happen. 

Absalom stole the hearts of the men of Israel.  I am the one who will give you justice.  I'll treat you right. 

Do we ever make it our goal, the theme of our days, to steal the hearts of our children, our husband, our friends?

No wonder David writes in Psalm 69:4, at this same moment in history, that those who hate him w/o cause are more than the hairs of his head.  One day, God will answer David that it actually His Thoughts toward him that are more than the number of hairs on David's head.  Each strand stands for God's thoughts not David's enemies.

And no wonder at all that David writes in Psalm 3:3 a verse that has captured my heart for decades:  My Glory! And the Lifter of my head.  If I can stand this day, and I am standing tall, it is only because my God has lifted my head.


  1. I read the scriptures early this morning, and picked up my laptop this evening to read todays' comments, there weren't any, but I wanted to share a thought.
    I was blessed with a lot of cards for Mother's Day, one is very pretty, with the words: "Strong Woman, Caring Mother, Good Person." As I reread this card tonight, I thought, "I wished it said,"God Lover". I hope my life reflects my love for the one who gave His life for my life. I never felt it was a fair trade.
    I think of David, he truly loved God. He loved his family so much he forgot his people at times. I am touched by his loving heart. Sure, he made lots of mistakes. Still, he loved.
    David, God Lover.
    Jan--(aka paintergirl, wife, daughter, mother)--God Lover.

  2. I just was working on another Bible study and part of the exercise asked to write what you want your husband to say about you at your funeral. Now, after last week with a dear friend losing her husband, and another deciding to divorce, there was an urgency and a sense of gratitude I had renewed in my heart for my husband and our own marriage. So, in that light, I thought I'd very much like my epitaph to read "She loved because Christ first loved her, and it was a crazy love of wreckless abandon He showed her, so she did the same" And I shake my head as I write, knowing how far I have to go before I sleep.

  3. Love that, Annette. You are so gifted with the ablility to put your thoughts into words!