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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Luke 19:44 and I Sam 14:52 "Attached to Strong Men" (April 26)

Am I truly dealing with this present hour? During my life, I have attached myself to strong men, wise pastors, successful people, ever-present help.  I didn't trust my own intellect, even my own tastes.  I looked for the best, went after them, and patterned my life after theirs. Develop your strengths, that's what I would say. No more (as Hannah's verse goes).

I Samuel 14:52 ~ "When Saul saw any strong man, or any valiant man, he attached him to himself."

And here's a verse to overlay on that kind of philosophy:
Luke 19:43 ~
Your enemies will
set up a barricade around you
hem you in on every side
tear you down to the ground
and your children within you.

And all because
Luke 19:44
You did not know the time of your I living in the Present---
hearing, receiving and moving on the Spirit of God?  Am I dealing with this present hour??

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  1. Oh Israel, "would that you had known on this day the things that make for peace!" Tears stream down Jesus' face as He mourns the loss of Israel failure to recognize the Prince of Peace, the King of Heaven had visited their very home. Now, hemmed in on every side, Israel does not know peace. Yet, we are commanded to pray for the peace of Israel.

    I have so many questions. Why do we pray for something we know will not be until the End of Time? Why wasn't Jonathan the man after God's own heart that followed Saul as king? The Sovereign One knows and will make all things right. Knowing the Day of His return will be a terrifying thing for any who are here in that time, we still pray, "Come quickly Lord, Jesus." Despite the gruesome horror of that hour, we long for Justice, His Justice that is based on pure holiness. Our souls long for Him to be set rightly upon His Throne over heaven and earth. Even rocks cry out. Blessed is He Who Comes! Hosanna! Save us!