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Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Sam 16:7 and Luke 20:25 "God Looks At My Heart" (April 27)

Luke 20:25 Render to God what is God's. Live a quiet life. Mind my own business. Owe no man anything except to love him.  That's it...owe a life of love not distance, not making people pay, not manipulation nor shame nor half-hearted obedience---no presumption.  "The LORD sees not as man sees; man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart."  I Samuel 16:7.  Someone may look good on the outside but what's stirring within? 

"The unexamined life is simply not worth living."  Socrates


  1. Not just partly obey like Saul and think we've done God's will and justify the rest, but God wants us to obey fully and remain in Him. Obedience is better than sacrifice. How then can we obey, but by knowing His Word and following His commands...

    And God's question to Samuel: "How long are you going to mourn over Saul not being king?" My mother would say, "No use crying over spilled milk, Samuel." Do I spend time looking back in remorse or looking ahead with anticipation of finding God in the next thing?

    Then, God's direction to Samuel--don't look at the size of the man--God sees differently than we do in choosing His leaders.

    One more little quirky thing today that is troublesome. I always thought for Saul, having once been anointed with the Spirit, then having It depart from him was what troubled him, but God sent a "harmful spirit" to trouble him, and Saul was soothed only in the presence of the Spirit-Anointed David. I don't know what my question is, but I hadn't seen before that God would send a harmful spirit--think I'll look up more translations on this for insight, but do any of you have thoughts about this?

    God is looking at our hearts. And He finds no good thing apart from the Love He's provided.

    And Bev, isn't it the simplest thing yet the hardest to do to owe a debt of love to each other! Help us to love well, Lord.

  2. I looked up "evil" and "spirit" in Strong's, and it said it could be misery, evil, torment" Spirit is what you think it is-a wind, a power. God surely can bring on plagues and such, so of course He can do this like hardening Pharoah's heart--just don't like to think about it that He does, I suppose. So, never mind my question. God is always bigger than we think.

  3. Annette, looked the verses up in my John MacArthur Study Bible...the foot note says..."God in His sovereignty allowed an evil spirit to torment Saul for His purpose of establishing the throne of David." Said it was from satan, he says the spirit attacked him from without, for there is no evidence it dwelt within.

    You are right, God is always BIGGER than we think. We make Him so small. Am doing my best to believe in a Big God for some bold answers to my bold, big prayers.

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  5. That makes more sense, Mary Lou. Had a feeling something was lost in translation but couldn't pinpoint it. Thank you! And He is bigger and meets big needs. Praying a prayer for you right now.