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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Sam 10:9 and Luke 19:8 "God Gave Another Heart" (April 25)

So much spiritual talk. 
But what does our lives look like today?
Do I see the Movement of the Spirit of God in my life today?

God's Standing Invitation to me, to you, changes our lives.
I cannot remain the person I am in the Face of a Holy God.

Zaccheus was curious, rich, a bully. 
A sinner who extorted people silly.
A ravenous tax collector working the streets.
Love compelled him to climb a tree to meet
a Stranger Who invited Himself to Zaccheus's door
And repentant leaves fell from Z's eyes ...  no more
I'll give half of what I have to the poor.
I'll restore 4-fold the defrauded's door.
Not a checklist for Z
Just evidence of The Almighty.

Confession.  Repentance.  Change. 
Evidence of a heart that moved from
Curiosity to Commitment.

And the verse, I Samuel 10:9 steps off the page...
God gave Saul another heart...
Not a moral one.  Not a spiritual one.
A civil heart to govern well in wisdom.

God, change us as we climb the trees of life this day.
God, give us "another heart" to honor You in what we do.


  1. Well, it looks like I am going to have to publish the post the night before from now on. The schedule for posting blogs does not work anymore. This is about the 10th time in the past couple of weeks that the schedule link has not worked. From now on, I will post the reading one day ahead, usually around 6pm so pay attention to the dates. I do not have a computer at my home so I cannot check the website before evening ends. I'll just have to post it when I write it from now on. Thank you for your understanding. Bev

  2. I more than understand. You have more than enough on your plate. If we who read this can not extend you grace, then we are not worthy of the time and effort you put in to this String of Pearls. You are blessed and you bless us. You do not have to perform for us. We love you just as you are.

  3. I echo your prayer Bev. I want a heart that will honor Him in what I do.

  4. Agreeing with Mary Lou on both posts. Bev, you are doing a great job bringing us a good Word each day. God shines through both of you!