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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Luke 16:25 "A Great Chasm" (April 20)

Sometimes, all I know to do is to keep on searching the Scriptures for truth, not as a play book, rule by rule, line upon line, but to find the Living Word. So much of what I see today are people seeking to try harder, live better, be positive, change our thoughts...I used to live that way, no more! Life is too short to miss it. Luke 16:25 ~ Lazarus and The Rich Man. Abraham said to the rich man after he had died: Child, remember that you in your lifetime received your good things, and Lazarus in like manner bad things; but now he is comforted here, and you are in anguish. I am awestruck that this rich man is settled into this fixed chasm in Eternity and able to do nothing about his dilemma, anymore. Faces flash way-so-fast of those I love who have not bowed the knee. I cannot wrap my mind around an eternal decision that one moment in time will be finalized for every one of us. The Great White Throne of Judgment. Meanwhile, many years before this exchange between the unnamed Rich Man and Lazarus was another unnamed Concubine and a Levite. Judges 19:25. An unbelievable story of rape and rage. The unnamed girl is cut into 12 pieces and mailed as a message. Oh my word. Consider and speak is the message. What words can be found? And, again, tonight. The message for me is to deal with my own bosom sins, my own besetting sins. LORD, have mercy!


  1. Hard lessons today! I have a really difficult time reading stories like the one of the concubine, given to a group of men and then cut into 12 pieces.
    I wonder, what is God trying to tell me with this account today?
    I will pray for guidance and direction, and hope that tomorrow's reading is a little easier to digest.

  2. Faithful in little, faithful in much...

    My dear friend (who hasn't been the best man chooser over the years) is breaking it off today with her boyfriend of 3 years. She's changed all her passwords, locks, and is bringing a locksmith/bodyguard with her today when she confronts him. I'm so sad for her, and so angry with him. I met him once and saw the shady side of him, but didn't warn her. I so wished I could go back. Wish I could warn her. Wish I could have protected her.

    We have today. We may not have another chance. What is it that needs to be done, Lord? Right now, give us strength to do it.

  3. Jan, I can hardly read that story, too. Some parts of the Bible are so difficult. So gruesome. I'll join you in prayer for guidance and direction for us over this reading.

  4. I'm with Jan. After i read today's reading, which was hard to read. I had to read the commentary for I thought why is this in the scripture? Still not sure why. I do know the recurring thought "and each one did what was right in his own heart," makes me know that our hearts are truly wicked and we do not know them. The few small glimpses that I have gotten of my heart have made me shudder.
    A dear family in law member, is still refusing to bow the knee. He has sufficient wealth, good health and a good family. His sweet, precious godly wife has early dementia and has to live away from the home. When my husband told him that he was praying for him, he remark was how he had friends and was getting out and was fine. I would NOT be fine IF my wife of 47 years was in a locked down facility because of loosing her mind. Even with the Lord, I don't believe I would say I was fine. I would be coping because of the Lord but He would be getting all of the credit....I shudder to think of his fate should he choose to not ever bow the knee....and this time in his life has not drawn him yet....."he is doing what he thinks is right"...what words of condemnation. May we all pray that our loved ones as well as ourselves would bow the knee to Him who can save our souls. May we live in such a manner as to reflect Him, in each and every thing we do. Oh, how I fall short.

  5. Maybe we're not supposed to get over the horror, the gruesomeness? Christ on a cross is a gory, awful story of torture, but it's called Good for a reason. Let us look for the redemption, the Resurrection that is the Thread throughout Scripture.

  6. Grave sin today.
    I keep picturing her spending those final days at her father's home and how he kept delaying her departure.
    Those "worthless" murderers killed her without mercy.
    God gave them two days of battle to show one tiny bit of remorse for the evil they had done.
    The third day became the day of total devastation for the men of Gibeah and the tribe of BENJAMIN.
    GOD alone allowed Benjamin's men left alive a chance at a continuance of this tribe through the women provided as wives.

    Otherwise, Benjamin's tribe would have been wiped out.

    Next to the persecution and crucifixion of CHRIST, this concubine's story is the worst I've read that describes the evil and utter depravity of mankind.

    And it began with a desire in their hearts to "know" the concubine's master. Men desiring a man.

    Father Abraham wisely spoke that though we see a man raised from the dead, we still will reject God and his warnings from the grave.

    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. If we don't fear God, we are capable of much evil.

    BEV, I know how personal today's reading is for you. May God comfort you with His own tears and grief shed from the cross. I care about you and the pain you experienced.

  7. It is a heart wrenching story. I lay on the threshhold of a door frame close to death when I was 16. Who cared? My God did and does. My Author. My Finisher. Sovereign Savior. We are here for Him.

  8. I don't understand this OT story. I read what is said in the commentaries. I'm shaken by it. May God disrupt whatever needs to be disrupted in me. For His Glory.

  9. Annette,
    May your sweet friend have "fearless courage" in her decision. Phil 1:20 ~
    "My eager desire and hope being that I may never feel ashamed but that now as ever I may do honour to Christ in my own person by fearless courage." Moffatt version