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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Judges 16:28 and Luke 15:17 "Come Home" (April 19)

There is no more important moment than this present moment. Am I living in the present? The prodigal comes to his senses, comes to himself, comes home. He didn't stop til he reached the doormat that read "Welcome Home." Will I come to my senses in what I'm doing to myself, to others? Will I come home to my LORD and not stop til I reach that moment in prayer. The crowds are pressing in to Jesus. The Pharisess are keeping tabs. It's a dead man, who is now alive, Luke 15, all because he came home humble. He came to himself when he realized that his father's servants were being treated better than he. Samson came home briefly in Judges 16. Departed again for his own delight, Delilah. Didn't make it all the way home. Departure. Destitution. Distance. Come Home Now ~ your God is Waiting, always.

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  1. One of the most beautiful parts of the Prodigal Son is the Father running to the son when he sees him coming. Which I've been taught, tells us that the Father never quit looking for the son to return and had already forgiven him before he came back home. The thought occurred to me that the Father was always looking but he was not going out and seeking the lost son, he was waiting at home till the son came to his senses and came home on his own accord. Just as the Father loves us and is always looking for us to seek forgiveness but He does not impose Himself on to us. We have to choose to run to those arms that are always wide open, waiting for us to turn back to Him.