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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ruth 4:15 and Luke 17:3 "Not Left Out" (April 21)

Writing from a hotel on Westheimer while visiting Houston with our track team. Saved at a bar on Westheimer when I met a Man Who knew everything about me...and still changed my life. Ruth 4:15 ~ My God has not left me without a Redeemer. He has not left you. He shall be our Restorer of Life and a Nourisher in our old age. Hanging on to this verse with all my spiritual might. This love story of Boaz and Ruth whose child will become the grandfather of David. God never forgot Naomi and He hasn't forgotten me either. Luke 17:3 ~ "Pay attention to yourselves" and forgive over and over and over again. May His Name be Renowned in this city and in yours.


  1. The whole Book of Ruth in one day. Seems like we could camp here for a while and simply rest in this Kinsman Redeemer. Just heard about Chuck Colson's death and am celebrating a life redeemed. Success, politics, corruption--all things shiny and glittery at the top of the heap, and then a great fall because the house was not built with the Cornerstone. Then before the prison pit, he chose True Life in Christ, and his Redeemer redeemed the life and used it for some 40 years to His Great Glory. This is what redemption looks like! Amazing Grace, isn't It!

  2. Wow, I didn't know that he died. How true, Annette. How true!

  3. I'm especially down right now and there was Something about this kinsman redeemer that was all over me, such a moving story of God's Providence for them, for me, for you.