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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Judg 13:25 and Luke 15:9 "Deal With My Own Bosom Sins" (April 18)

What do I do when the Spirit of God begins to stir? Judges 13:25 ~ "The Spirit of the LORD began to stir" in Samson. What happens after that? Such stories of spiritual rollercoasters in these chapters---Jephthah, now Samson. Do I deal with the energy that is dominant in my center---the one that is going to win out? Do I press hard to get my own way? Do I let go and let God. Or do I look to what others are doing flat out wrong? I blew up over something so trivial, last evening. What was stirring in me? "The easiest thing in all the world is to be constantly denouncing popular faults; but to wring the neck of one of my own bosom sins is a harder work by far, and a much better sign of conversion." Charles Spurgeon I am that "one sheep" that goes astray. Luke 15:9. It might look good to go after the sins of our husband, our children, our church, our ministry but is Grace stirring in our hearts? "To loathe my own sin, to humble myself on account of my ow personal faults, and to endeavor in the sight of God to renounce every false way, is a work of something more than human nature." It is the stirring of the Spirit of God in me and you. Charles Spurgeon


  1. Wonder why my blog posts that I schedule sometimes just don't post. They just sit right in the
    schedule mode. So sorry.

  2. "To loathe my own sin, humbly, to renounce every false way..." that is the work of this day. We want holiness but we're not willing to renounce the sin. We want fellowship but God cannot dwell in the same house that sin resides.

    This morning, I'm remembering unrenounced sins that left me vulnerable to more sin yesterday. I went back to a place of "hurt" but truly the pain was self-inflicted fear, insecurity. I hadn't gone back and taken care of old stuff.

    And today, He comes running to meet me, the Prodigal one, open arms, "Welcome Home, Child of Mine!"