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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Numbers 5:6 and Mark 13:8 "For Whom Did You Carry the Stone?" (March 11)

I heard my friend, Elisabeth Elliot, share this story many times.  It's not in the Bible, just a legend.  It goes like this...   Jesus was walking one day with His disciples and He asked each of them to pick up a stone and carry it for Him. They all picked up stones, some big, some small. Peter picked up the smallest stone possible and placed it in his pocket. (Wonder why?) They walked to the next town, arriving tired and hungry. Jesus immediately turned the stones into bread and said, "Eat up."

Of course, Peter grew frustrated at the size of his tiny piece of bread. (Numbers 5:6 And don't we do the same kind of things, breaking faith with the One with Whom we walk, carrying out stone going after what we think we need).  Jesus again asked His disciples to pick up another stone and carry it for Him. Peter, being a quick learner, picked up a huge boulder and placed it on his shoulder.  They all traveled to the next town. Arriving at a river bank, more tired and more hungry than before, Jesus asked them to throw their stones into the river and they obeyed. They looked at Him, waiting expectantly for the stones to be turned into bread. This time, Jesus did nothing. When Peter and the disciples began to grumble, Jesus said with Great Compassion, "For Whom did you carry the stone?"  The pains of childbirth, Mark 13:8, from Creation to character to Compassion.  Groan inwardly.  Why do we do what we do this day?


  1. The widow's mite is a story I use to check my own motives in giving. I mostly give out of abundance, but on the times I've given from my impoverished places, I sense it is a better offering. My time is often my greatest gift, as it seems so scarce. My love, also, is a place where i hold back but should give away more freely.

    Like many, I remember when my second child was born, I wondered how I could possibly love more than I already did, and my heart grew. I reached new levels of love I thought not possible. With my third, again my heart grew. With my recent blessing of being Mimi and grandmother, my heart has reached a new level of love, and somehow, again, I am amazed.

    Open your heart to giving, especially from your place of poverty, and watch God grow you into His Likeness.

  2. Forgot to say, Bev, I'm praying for you as you travel to Dallas for your medical procedures. Praying for His Mighty Hand to be with the doctors, His Mercy to be with your troubled heart, and His Joy to fill you in those dark places of fear. He sees your offering here each day and it pleases Him so.

    You truly give from the depth of your heart and He is revealed to many.

    Peter's stone carrying I can identify with. Who do we carry the stone for? I don't think it's wrong to want blessing but seeking first His Kingdom is still the better gift because all the rest follows.

  3. This is actually tomorrow's comments that I had saved and not really finished. Not sure why it posted at 9:28am this morning?? Same thing happened yesterday. Oh well, there are bigger fish to fry today. Trying to get to Dallas for some medical procedures. I struggle with anesthesia so I am asking you to pray that I will find God in ways I don't even know this moment. I deal with such fear---as if I'm in control of anything?? My Love to you all, Bev

  4. I am sorry, Bev. I was the one that messed it up. I thought I was helping you and went in and posted a date, then realized you had something written, so I posted it. I'm sorry to mess things up. I'll leave it alone unless you ask me next time. I promise!

    Elisabeth Elliot's story resonates with my heart. It is a beautiful illustration of motive and authentic servanthood. I want blessing more than I want to pick up my cross, and that isn't the type of service that He is looking for.

    Continuing to pray for you, Bev, for peace, for healing. Love, A

  5. Prayed for you yesterday Bev. You are such a strong witness for Him. You are so faithful to come here and give us what He has given you. He is seeing all of this. Praying that the procedures went well and that He showed up in a Big way.

    I think we all want Him to bless us far more than we want to pick up our cross. May we all seek Him more and look to Him for being Him and not what He can give us or do for us. Oh, to be a Christian who follows closely and not from a distance.