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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Numb 8:24 and Mark 13:27 "Stay Awake" (March 12)

Stay Awake.  Mark 13:27.  Jesus is coming back to gather His elect from the four winds.  What we do matters only inasmuch as who we are.  We can outserve everyone but if it is not coming from a good place in our heart, it's clanging cymbals.  Whether we are like the Levites in Number 8:24 who faithfully did their duties of service from the time they were 25 years old up to 50 years old or if we are waiting to age 65 to retire, do what God has called you to do.  We have this moment to become the person God is calling us to be.  Every day.  Fresh new slate.   So what does it look like to stay awake today?  In a couple of hours, I'll be under anesthesia.  No way I could stay awake.  Oh, it means so much more.  Alive in our soul.  Leaning on the One Who holds all things together.  So, what does staying awake look like for me? 


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  2. Well, I will have to start proof reading my posts much closer...messed the first one I deleted it.

    Prayed for you yesterday and this morning. Bev. May He show up so big that all involved will know that only He could have done such a mighty, wonderful thing. May His presence permeate the entire room where the procedure is happening and may you feel His righteous right hand holding your.

    Love you much....Mary Lou

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  4. Staying awake is one of those commands that is similar to the warning about lukewarmness in Revelation to me, as I don't know what to do with it more than feel very inadequate. What does "on fire" or "alert" look like? I know this. It's more. More than I offer Him most days, more than I can do on my own, more than my comfort and cushy lifestyle requires of myself...even more than a lifetime of devoted attention could make up for. Praying for much mercy and Grace in that Day, and for renewed alertness for our souls, revived "on fire" hearts for Him.

  5. Wow Annette, your post gives great food to ponder. In FL because of repair work on floors that require us to be out of house...alarm company calls and says the fire alarm has gone off.....we were not sure the workers were there...had not been there at 11:30 this morning...they had tripped the alarm while sanding the floors...dispatched the fire dept before we knew for sure....Our son is not at work today and assured me that everything was fine.My heart was very much alert till I heard all was well. Knew there was NOTHING I could do, but trust...oh, so hard.

    I agree with every word that you wrote Annette...and Bev. How I pray that I become more alive with Him, to Him. I am older but not dead yet and He can still use me IF I make myself available and I choose to not follow at a distance but to follow close and hold on and truly live for Him.