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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Numb 4:49 and Mark 12:44 "Superabundance or Poverty" (March 10)

A good friend of mine wrote a book on organization and spewed out: The average household has about 10,000 things in it.  Probably a meager average. Who knows the life of poverty like the widow who gave to God everything she had to live on.  She gave out of her want. None of us know that kind of life. She put God to the test in the immediate moment. We may not know poverty of the pockets but do we know what it means to live out of our own poverty of soul?  Giving all our wants to Him.  Letting go of all that consumes us this day.  All because we are "listed" in the Lamb's Book of Life.  Numbers 4:49 - Listed for serving and carrying.  I am rather low this day and I surrender out of poverty of soul.  Why am I doing all of this anyway?  What's left of me?  Immediate Need ... falling forward ... with tears to the plow ... I need Him so. 

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  1. I read my Bible and sometimes, like today, feel like I'm reading it for the first time. How many times I've read about the widow's mite but it so grabs me this dreary day of my soul. Out of her want, this no-name person (just like me) falls into our Good God in the immediate moment. May we all fall forward this day into the Immediate. Just like the leper cannot change his spots, neither can I change my heart. God will!