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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Number 1:1 and Mark 12:24 "Do I Know the Scriptures & The Power of God Today? (March 9)

I'm living smack dab in the midst of confusion.
Trusting a Good God to show up.
He hasn't yet.

God told Moses in the wilderness to take a census of the Israelites. 
Number the people from #1 to #1,000,000+.  Numbers 1:1
God knew the exact number of children He owned.
Why would He want the people to know how many neighbors they had?
It is to show the Power of God. Mark 12:24
It is to fulfill the Scriptures. Mark 12:24
And I'm wrong if I do not know the Scriptures
And the Power of my God.

Be ready in your own wilderness as God counts you among His faithful
while you face the storms of this life and the sneers against your soul.
Maybe you think all is good
Maybe you know there's much confusion
as you are numbered every day and kept by a Good God!

Will you wait in the midst of confusion
in the middle of your own wilderness
Not for a change of circumstances
but for a change of your own
for a Good God to show
That you stand tall
and be counted
No matter


  1. Good Morning, Girls! I just wanted to tell you that I come here a lot and think of you often. Hoping all is well for you all.

    Much love from your sister in Michigan.

  2. I find myself identifying with "they". Those that ask and ask questions rather than just trusting and following Him, relying on His Word and His power. Help my stubborn heart that wants answers. Help me not to miss the marvelous of You. Help me to cling to Your Word when the enemy tries to discourage and defeat me.

  3. Me, too, Nise'. Asking and hesitant instead of following, trusting. I know that place too well. My sin is twofold:

    “Is this not the reason you are wrong, because you know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God?"

    Interestingly, these were the Saducees who asked, educated men who sought to be right, but not invested in His Love. I get bogged down in details and miss the big picture, too. Specifics that matter little, but I want to get it right, and often without any real application, transformation. God's Word is not only historical, but transformational. Fruit, Lord, please, more fruit, that bears testimony of Your Lordship of my life!

  4. An unexpected phone call came and I'm up super uber late ... and not wanting to be. I am one of the "they." Torn in two this night. An old nature fighting a new. Unsettled. The immediate beckons to trust in midst of unknown unreality. I leave tomorrow for two medical procedures in Dallas---please pray that I can rest on the inside and out. Thank you my friends!

  5. Bev, praying for you this morning for continued healing, for peace in the chaos, for joy in the uncertain times. He shines so sweetly through you. May you be blessed a hundredfold for your servanthood and shared faith. Hugs, dear one. Love, A

  6. prayed for you Bev after I read your comment...

    Oh, how guilty I am of wanting God to change my circumstances and not looking to Him to take care of whatever it is that concerns me.
    My spirit is so willing but my flesh is so weak. Praying to be stronger in Him and more immersed in the Word so that I may be more transformed than when I put Him Lord. I was transformed then...people told me that they could see the change....that is my prayer today that I will be able to glorify Him to the point that others will see the change that ONLY He can bring God be the glory in the change, for I can not do it. Praise God! It is ALL grace.