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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lev 22:31 and Mark 10:19 "What Must I Do?" (March 6)

How do we really know we are on the right course?  What must we "do" to become fully alive in Christ.

 People in the NT are asking what we should do to inherit real life? Mark 10:19

People in the OT are asking, "What must I do?" Lev 22:31 Do these commands.

Isn't it about "being" and not about "doing."  We are human beings not human doers, someone once said. 

Dan Allender once told me:  "If you told people to crawl across glass to find real life, they would do it."  People want a system.  Easy-to-follow; easy-to-read. A set of rules---that's what the Pharisees wanted.   With No Fine Print like the Rich Young Ruler sees.  Don't require my heart---what I possess.  We are all "self swindlers" wanting to have what we want, wanting to call the shots.  Self-obsessed. 

God, make me care this day, this moment, this circumstance, more about being holy than being comfortable or safe or healthy or any side issue.  In the Great Scheme of Things, there is only one issue---following God, no matter what the cost.  Instead of asking "what should I do?", should we be asking "who are you calling me to be?"


  1. Very thought provoking this morning! If I remember, "With men it is impossible, but not with God, for all things are possible with God" (10:27), then I have my focus. So far this year there have been many things that threaten that focus. I've given in, but I've also remained focused on Him. His way is so much better.

  2. What must I do?

    I've been a Pharisee. I've tried. I've failed. We all do want a formula. And we want to boast that we are doing it right. . .And look over there at those poor souls who don't...Lord, help us not to find an ounce of salvation in ourselves.

    I love God more because of these verses today--He loves on little children and says they are getting it right. He says follow the Ten Commandments, but if you are angry, you've committed murder; if you lust, you've committed adultery.

    Have we kept the Ten Commandments? Who can enter His Kingdom? Narrow is the Door, but Grace remains wide, open. By His Blood alone, we are pronounced holy...clean...forgiven...loved beyond measure.

    "With man, it is impossible, but with God all things are possible."