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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lev 19:2 and Mark 9:34 "Let Questions Sink Deep" (March 4)

Lately, questions intrigue me deeply, dearly. "What were you discussing on the way?" Mark 9:34-35. "But they kept silent, for on the way they had argued with one another about who was the greatest."  Jesus knew. He didn't make them feel like less of a person even though they were thinking shallow about true greatness.  Thinking earthly.  He made them want to be holy as He is.  Lev 19:2. Make Me Holy for you are Holy and I am not.  May my silence be out of reverence not condemnation.  May I think hard and long and deep on how my words impact others.  Let the questions sink deep within me.  Psalm 51:6 ~ May Truth sink into deeper places of my soul.  I so want to be somebody.  Thank you for making me more want to be holy than significant.  What if that was what You wanted more than anything---to be significant in the eyes of others? 


  1. Oh, how I do not want to be a stumbling block to anyone. I fear that I am one to my sister. She still does not see that I am not more religious than her, it's that I have a personal relationship with Him,no matter that I have stressed that fact.

    Oh, to heed His Words in Leviticus and in Mark and truly see His holiness and see my wicked heart that is blessed because it is covered with His precious blood. I do not always think about how my words impact others, especially those closest to me....He just grabbed my heart and told me that I responded with the wrong tone and the wrong words....OUCH!

  2. How to be salt and be at peace with one hard. Salt is good, but you can't regain your salt. Salt stings wounds, but flavors life.

    How to be holy because He is holy. . .so specific yet abandoned in this "Grace covers all" philosophy. (Not in any way to discount Grace, but to open our eyes to His holiness, His blessing for us as we seek His character.)
    Like Isaiah, we can't see His holiness without being aware of our sinfulness.

    He's on His way to the Cross. May we be aware of our sins and seek His Grace all the more.

    Love you ladies' hearts. I say Amen with you in your heart's prayers.