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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lev 18:30 and Mark 9:24 "If Jesus Walked Into Your Room" (March 3)

If Jesus were to walk into the room right now where you sit, what would He say to you?  Am I too concerned about how others interpret my life?  I think my God would wrap His Loving Arms around me and have compassion on me right where I am.  You see, I am a mess right now, but make no mistake about what I say, I am a glorious mess!  My tears are hot and flowing and repentant.  And I cannot be more pleased with what I am seeing in my own life---how a Gracious God is allowing me to deal with what's going on inside of my heart when others are mistreating me. He is giving me a heart to move into their lives and so want to do it!  I need to deal with me and my doings not theirs.  Mark 9:24 ~ LORD, I believe, help my unbelief!
Lev 18:30 ~ Make me clean, for you are Holy and I am not.


  1. Dearest Bev,
    I can't imagine anyone mistreating you, you are the sweetest person! I so admire you and all you do.
    Thank you for making "A String of Pearls" an essential start to my morning, it is my spiritual food supplement, taken with breakfast each day.
    Love you so,
    Jan (aka, jhpaintergirl)

  2. I know my heart is full of Him today, Bev. He's here. Storms all around, but He's here. Blessed peace and nothing lacking.

  3. What would Jesus say to me today? I think He'd say, "Get up!" I've sat on the sidelines too long, sat and watched others do the real work of being His Feet, His loving Hands. I'm not sure what it is, but things are about to change. He's ready to move me.
    Often, it's easier to say to the mountain, move, than it is to get up and go over it. Maybe I just needed to take that first step.

    More to come...I just feel it! A journey with Christ is like no other. He sees your tears. He carries you through storms. And sometimes, He says, "Get up!"

    I'm more in love with Him today than yesterday, this year than last. And I look forward to a blessed Homecoming in the appointed hour.