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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lev 16:33 and Mark 8:24 "I See Trees Walking" (March 2)

Exactly 6 years ago, an ordinary day dawned.  On our way to watch my 8th grader play in his first ever high school varsity basketball game, a phone call came that I never dreamed would ever happen to me.  I remember the spot where we sat at Panda Express; I remember the song playing above on their radio; I remember what I was wearing; and I still remember how I felt that somehow God would sustain me.  Mark 8:24 came to my mind as my God revived me in my disbelief.  I cried through every single play at Grapevine High School Gym watching my son as I sat in the front row of the fan benches.  I see...but it all looks like trees, walking.  Funny that no one noticed my incessant, white-hot tears flowing from the first through the fourth quarter.  I don't know that I've ever had such a public display that I couldn't turn off.  One of the most horrible moments for me, ever.  And yet, amazing!  For my God touched my heart, once again, so that I could really see.  It took a bit for me to come around.  My God made a way for me and I cannot thank Him enough.  We're still in the midst of the backlash---but weightier things grab my heart and I'm so attached more than ever to my Good God, Who is always doing us good!  Who do you say that He is?  Mark 8:29.  I know that I know!

Lev 16:33 ~ They made a way, atoned for all their more, He has done it for us.  Amazing!  Simply unbelievable! 

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  1. I say that He is Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. I know that as a fact beyond a shadow of any doubt. I may have other doubts, but that is one thing that I do NOT doubt. He is a good God and He is good ALL of the time!in good times and bad....