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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lev 14:57 and Mark 8:18 "Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner?" (March 1)

Mark 8:18 ~ Do You Not Remember?
I fed 5,000 last month.
I can feed 4,000 this month.
We know you can
but do we know you will?
Not really. 
Do I demand a better life?
Or do I command a better me?
How quickly I forget
how You have picked me up
when I was lifeless in body & soul
And breathed into me
the Very Breath of God.
You have made me so alive!
Married to you and not to the law ~ Lev 14:57
I would have despaired
unless I had believed
I would see Your Goodness ~ Psa 27:14
Would you feed just this day?  I believe.


  1. Amazing love from the Father and the Son.
    Reading through the Old Law the last couple of days was a little hard, especially the leprosy issues. But then, I realized why the tiny details were there, it was to show how much God cares for all of the tiny details of our lives. Nothing is left to chance.
    He made provisions for health, physically and spiritually.
    Christ fed his people physically and amazing is His love.

  2. I needed that reminder too, Jan, as I read all the diseases issues. The details are important to Him. To me, it was incredible how much He kept them from germs. The knowledge that cleanliness was critical was unheard of until like the 1800s, but He showed them knowledge beyond what they could possibly know. Beautiful understanding.

    Then Jesus' question, Do you not understand? I feed you. I provide. I will not fail you. Don't you get it? No worries. Do you really want bread or the Bread of Life, temporary gratification or eternal? Living Water that satisfies? When will we get it?

    He's everything to me.