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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lev 13:57 and Mark 7:21 "The Warp & The Woof of Life" (February 29)

The warp and the woof of my life is stretching and sagging. 
Yet, I am so unbelievably hopeful in what God is doing.
Be Opened my eyes, my ears, my voice, my tears.
What stirs in deep places of my heart this day?
The pull on the fabric of my life is so taut!
Fall on my knees and ask for help.
He never leaves us there!
He touches tongues
and spits out

Jesus never walked away from those falling at His Feet~Mk 7:34


  1. The High Priest examines us and declares us clean by His blood.

    How often do I talk about what Jesus has done for me? Is it natural or awkward? Open my mouth and let me speak in a way that honors You, Lord.

  2. Bev and Nise, your words are poetry today. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and blessings.
    God is so good,so faithful and true.

    We are doing a bible study on Sunday nigts at our church. It is entitled, " God is Closer Than You Think". It struck my heart in an awesome way. This week I am visualizing God whispering in my ear, breathing on my cheek, looking in my eyes with love of a father.

  3. An extra day! What will I do with it? May it be to His Glory.

    I so agree, Nise, that we use our mouths to praise Him, to honor Him. I know many times what He would have me say, and fear or something stops me. No, it's fear, whatever the obstacle may appear to be. I have been convicted lately how little I go and I set out to find a man that is in front of me every day at a corner. he was there, of course, because God had laid it on my heart to give him something and tell him. Jesus is thinking about you today. When he looked at me right in the eye, all I could say was God bless you. It made me mad at myself. Why couldn't I get those words, His words, out of my mouth?

    "...astonished beyond measure, saying, “He has done all things well. He even makes the deaf hear and the mute speak.”

  4. Know exactly how you feel Annette....I am going through those same I want to open my mouth and speak in a way that honors Him and I trip up on my own fear of being rejected or made fun of.....praying for all of us.