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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lev 11:47 and Mark 7:6 "Commandments of Men" (February 28)

What are the commandments of men in our society?
Who do I live to please?

I am the God Who brought you to the place where you are.  Be holy.  Lev 11:47 God is more concerned about my holiness than my hapiness.  He is more committed to getting me where I need to be than anyone else.  Oh soul of mine, let our Good God have His Way in what circumstances He has placed me in. 

Honor Him with my heart or
my worship is in vain Mark 7:6.

Am I willing to stand up and say, "No!"
No More. 
I will not follow what you think is truth if
I know in my heart it's a commandment made up by men.
Just read Twitter, Facebook, it's in black-and-white...
commandments that men have decided we have to believe
in order to be spiritual, to find God.
No, no more. 
What does God say about me?


  1. Bev, you are so faithful to read and share with us what He shows you or speaks to you. You are more than excused to not have every post up for us to read for the day. You have a very full plate. Please do not stress yourself for our sakes. Your post spoke to my heart today. I am in a place where I am really not sure what is going on. Just seem to be treading water....holding on to Him and wondering what He wants for me, from me. Doing my best to be still before Him.

  2. You're faithful Mary Lou! Praying for you.

    Every day I look up at a note on my bulletin board that reads:
    Love you dearly.
    Jesus loves you more.
    I keep it as a reminder
    of the Kindness of my God
    to meet people like you
    who have championed
    anything I say or touch or do.
    Never have met you and
    I feel like I know you
    better than I know most people.
    You're a real joy to me!
    My Love and