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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lev 9:24 and Mark 7:8 "Tradition of Men" (February 27)

What traditions do I hold so deeply that I cannot let go?  Do I hold to the tradition of men more than the 10 Commandments?  Mark 7:8

Do I honor my God with my lips but my heart is not in it this time.  I was so distant from someone I love this day and I couldn't, no I didn't want to move in to love for I have been so hurt.  What to do? 

Radical Repentance.  Moment by Moment.  Little by Little.

Lev 9:24 - They saw the Glory of God and they repented and fell on their faces.  Why am I not falling?  I feel vindicated in my judgment of the situation.  God have mercy on me! 


  1. I am on a bus headed to Corpus Christi. Taking 26 of my students to an Academic Contest. Will be back real late and can post on Sunday morning. My Love to you all, Bev

  2. I'm back and hopefully it won't happen any time soon that I cannot post. I don't have internet at home so I have to hit the Starbucks and then move over to McDonald's where I sit at this moment cause S-bucks is closed. Smile. The Academic Competition is behind me. God was so in it for me and how He showed up in my heart! I love Him so! Took 26 students and 13 parents to Corpus Christi. Left at 5:45am Saturday on our school bus and returned same day at 10:15pm. Great results and it was our first time to compete in this contest. I've been trying to spearhead it for 4 years and was delighted to lead the brigade. It has been many late nights to reach this point. Thanks for your patience with me. I'm back home, uh, or at McDonald's. Bev

  3. I can imagine how 26 students saw a dedicated teacher pour into them to give them an experience of a lifetime. You have a wonderful way of helping others feel good about themselves, grounded in love. Everyone is most blessed by the way you pour into our lives, as well. Thank you again for your dedication.

    Faith Fortifiers
    Feeding Five Thousand with
    Five Loaves and Two Fishes
    Feet Walking on Water
    Feel the Fringe of His Garment and Be Made Well!

    Okay alliteration is a stretch today, but makes for a short summary of His Amazing Power. Faith fortifies our journey. Only Believe. This is our work this day.

  4. May I bow down in thankfulness and humblness when Your Glory appears.

    I am in a season of rest in many ways and I am fighting it. Thank you for Your compassion. Help me to rest where You have me at this present time. In Your hands little is so much more than I need.

    So glad all went well Bev!

  5. Just when I thought I was back, I didn't show up sorry. Trying to bounce back into the swing of things while recuperating. Will be back shortly. Bev