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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lev 7:38 and Mark 6:27 "Not Offended with God" (February 26)

What would go through my mind if someone came after my throat?  What would come out of me?  Would I bring my offering in my wilderness? Lev 7:38

Mark 6:27 is a story that lingers with me.  It's the beloved John, deeply cared for by Christ.  Left in a cold, stank, dark prison.  Unaware of his fate.  Until the moment they come after him with a sword, sawing off his head.  A slow death to break through the bone.  And the words of Christ ring:  "Blessed is he who is not offended in Me," the One who heals the lame, makes the blind to see, the dead to rise---He is not coming with healing on His Wings.  Not not for John.  Was it something Greater?  Certainly didn't have anything to do with God's Love for John. 

Oh God, change me this day that what comes out of me brings you Glory!

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  1. John's story resonates with me so much. It didn't have anything to do with Jesus' love for John. We all want to be rescued. We know He could. We want God to do it our way perhaps, but He has other plans. Plans that feel like we're forgotten sometimes. Hard things to accept, but there is more at stake.

    We know John's soul was safe in Christ, so it had to be for a greater glory. Hard, still. It hurts to see that kind of pain and perceived abandonment.

    An innocent, holy head on a plate because of a weak, indulgent man. . .and no rescue. Take no offense.

    The sin offering and the guilt offering—most holy. Anything it touched became holy. Our Sin Offering in Christ Jesus for us not only purifies us, but in partaking of Him, we become holy. "Whoever or whatever touches its flesh shall [first] be dedicated and made clean, and when any of its blood is sprinkled on a garment, you shall wash that garment in a place set apart to God's worship."

    Holy and set apart.

    Dedicated and made clean by the Blood of the Lamb.

    There is a greater Glory at work in our world, thanks be to the Lord Christ.