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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Exo 2:25 and Matt 24:8 "God Knows" (February 7)

What happens when we live for ourselves?  A new King in Egypt arises and thinks the people of Israel are too many and too mighty.  His mandate:  deal shrewdly with them; afflict them with heavy burdens; oppress them to death.  make their lives bitter with hard service in mortar and brick; kill the boy babies.  Ruthless.  Arrogant.  Heartless. Villains. 

Yet, a beautiful Story of God's Love is being crafted among the reeds by the river bank.  The daughter of Pharaoh's heart is being tugged in Exodus 1:10 and she "draws out of the water" an Advocate, a Crying Voice, who will stand on Holy Ground because our God "knows" and "hears" and nothing passes Him by.  Exodus 2:25.  Moses---who wonders how God could use him. 

And in a Burning Bush, God says in Exodus 3:12:  "But I will be with you."  Isn't that what we need to hear this day?  The pains of childbirth are all around---even the earth in Matthew 24:8---that Christ be formed in each one of us. Galatians 4:19. 

When we are tempted to live for our own comfort, our own survival. 
When we care more about what others think than loving & listening & living.
I AM sent Moses. 
I AM sends you to those who will rebuff you this day;
to those who will be distant to you this day;
to those who will pass you over. 
God is passing by.  God hears.  God knows.


  1. Something that struck me today was that the king didn't know about Joseph. Had the pharoah known how God favored Israel and Joseph and his people, and passed that information on to his successor, he would have feared God, and either converted his people to the God of Abraham, or at least left them alone.

  2. We don't know enough about our history today. Much could be learned and prevented by knowing our past, recounting God's past goodness in our lives, and applying that Truth to our future!