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Monday, February 6, 2012

Gen 49:2 and Matt 23:23 "Unstable Like Water" (February 6)

Do we neglect the weightier matters in life by being so driven to do what is the right thing, so driven to say the right words and always be right, so driven to appear righteous when we harbor things in our soul that just are not right.  C.S. Lewis said it right:  "We are far too easily pleased with ourselves".  And I add:  We are far too easily swayed by what this world thinks of us.  So, we get stuck on the little things---you fill in the blanks for your own crises.  Wonder why we are not awestruck at the Justice of God in our mess; the Mercy of God so undeserved by all; the Faithfulness of God when we are not. 

Jacob and Joseph end their struggles well.  They stand tall among men.  Psalm 3:3 ~ He was the Lifter of their heads when family betrayed them both for years on end.

Jacob speaks strong words to his sons in Gen 49:2:  Reuben, you are unstable like've lost the blessing.  Jacob held that story in his heart for a long time. We forgive but we don't forget, do we?

Joseph speaks strong words to his brothers:  You meant what you did to me for evil, but God meant it for good. Genesis 50:20.  Joseph didn't forget, either, but he took care of his brothers for seven more decades.  His actions spoke louder than words. 

As we close the book of Genesis, there's a funeral procession going on.  Joseph takes his daddy back to Canaan---a 275-mile funeral procession.  They had already waited one month for the embalming process.  As the brothers grieved their loss, they had plenty of time to reflect on their lives and think about life without Jacob. Joseph's face was set like a flint to move into their lives to love.  Let bygones be bygone.  I am not in the place of God.  Joseph didn't neglect the Weightier Matters of the Law:  Justice, Mercy, and Faithfulness.  Matthew 23:23. 


  1. Do not fear, for am I in the place of God? As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good,

    May we each be able to say that about the difficult events in our lives.

  2. In actuality, as I think over some recent events in our family, I see some sin that was so ignored. It has been confessed and repented of, and I can not tell you the blessing of seeing this in some one's life and the changes being wrought from that effort. I also see where this act repented of is being used for good by God in that person's life. I pray that I will always remember it and keep it before me, so that I may praise Him and share it with others. I have NO idea why it is being used for good, but it truly is. What an amazing God. It truly is ALL grace....His grace.