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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Exo 4:15 and Matt 24:29 "I'll Be With Your Mouth" (February 8)

Do I know God's Word?
Do I know God's Power?
Am I stuck in my own insufficiency?
Am I afraid to speak? Pick her, I cower.

Who has Made Man's Mouth? [Ex 4:11]
An All Sufficient God of Love
Who Says: I'll be with your mouth [Ex 4:15]
So, I'm silenced in a Mystery sent from above.

Until the Stars fall down from heaven [Matt 24:29]
There will be no prejudice to your message
You may not have the grace of others
You have His Power from this passage

Moses trembled when He looked inside
Moses humbled--- and He trusted God
The One Who pours Grace from lips [Ps 45:2]
The One Who opens eyes from slits [Lk 24:45]

Open your mouth wide & I will fill it [Ps 51:10]
I will be with your mouth, God wills it. [Ex 4:15]


  1. If I only knew at the beginning of this day that what I wrote would be just for me...

    God knows what each of us are going through. I have to hang on to that tonight...God knows my frail estate.

  2. Prayed for you last night when I read this and have prayed for you again this morning...May He be a shield about you and the glory and lifter of your head.

  3. I'm praying for all of us tonight. I sense God working in each of our hearts and it is deeply personal and deeply felt here.
    I've reopened my blog, Love Letters From My Lord, and I'm posting my thoughts there. I'm seeing God work in me in a way that I don't understand right now. And I'm really trying to embrace this time in my life that seems so messy and painful.
    I don't want to take up more space here than is needed. I will be faithfully reading here. But the comments I make will be on Love Letters From My Lord. And my thoughts will focus on how God is speaking to me through these verses.
    Bev, holding you in my heart right now. And lifting you up in sincere prayer.

  4. Here's my address if you want to read my thoughts:

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  6. Twinkle, thank you for posting your URL of your blog. I will be checking in on you. I love the words you write, and if you take too much room, I'm a space hog here.

    I use these readings as my morning devo, and some days it seems my heart will burst with so much to think about and apply.

    Praying for you, Bev, in your weakness, that He will be your Strength.

    Was Moses humble or just offering excuses? Love your question, Bev, "Am I stuck in my own insufficiency"?" And then, Do I know God's power?

    He equips. We need only make ourselves available. That means confessing sin, turning away from the world and toward Him. And when He calls, answering, "Here I am," like Abraham, Jacob, and Moses.

  7. I'm really down tonight.
    Not the usual down.
    A difficult place.
    Feeling haunted.
    I lift my eyes.
    Thanks for your prayers.

  8. Bev,
    I felt the same this week. It was deep down. I just went into my closet and prayed in the darkness with little words and lots of tears. My God met me there.
    And it was different. Can't explain. Stay close to Him.

    I say too much. I know I do. I'll have more freedom and space on my blog to record my thoughts.
    I've felt like there's more commenting if I don't post here. Not sure why. I hope I don't offend anyone.


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  10. Popping over here to send my love to each of you precious women. I'm about to turn out the light, but will pray for you before I fall asleep. I hope you sleep well, Bev. I'll pray for you at my 3:00 wake up, too.


  11. Deborrah, you are heavy on my heart, too!
    Love you!