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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Exo 40:34 and Mark 4:40 "Be Shade & Glory" (February 23)

Mark 4:40 - Why are you so afraid?  It's an intriguing question to me cause I deal with fear, day in and day out.  If it was just changing my thinking to how a Good God is always taking care of me, working for my good---but this is MORE THAN changing our thinking.  God is changing my heart so that the smallest seeds of my faith will grow up, even though I'm old, to become larger...and put out branches, large ones, so that others may have shade in the midst of their scorching heat.  Praise God!  It is His Glory that fills out lives just like in Exodus 40:334 where His Glory filled their journey.  Wherever this weekend may lead you, may you experience the Glory of God and be more concerned about shading other than finding your own.

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