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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Exo 34:6 and Mark 3:35 "Self Swindlers" (February 21)

Exodus 34:6 God says that He is merciful when people here don't cut us any slack; He is slow to anger even when people tell us what's wrong with us; He is Gracious when others are curt, short, and unkind; He is steadfast in His Love when our friends swindle us; He is faithful when we become self swindlers.  The Lord made sure that Moses knew that.  Passed before Moses and Proclaimed!  And Jesus made sure that His followers knew in Mark 3:35 that whoever does the will of God, you have a relationship with the Holy One.  Holiness---is that what grasps me this day?  Or is it about proving that I am right; vindicating myself; standing up for myself.  Oh God, have mercy on us all.  Holiness is the cry of our heart.  May I be more concerned about how I treat others than how they treat me.

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  1. Lord forgive us. For we are "a stiff-necked peeple, and pardon our iniquity and our sin, and take us for your inheritance.”

    May we bow and serve humbly this day, breaking our will to obedience in Him, and in so doing, shine like the face of Moses, as we spend time with Him.

    Blessed Shrove Tuesday, Pearls!