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Monday, February 20, 2012

Exo 33:14 and Mark 3:5 "Be Present" (February 20)

Moses did not want to be anywhere that his God was not!  Is that the passion that drives me?  If God is not in this, if He is not here, count me out! 

God tells Moses to leave Sinai and go to the Promised Land.  He says in Exo 33:14, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”  I love this about Moses: “If your presence will not go with me, do not bring us up from here. Nothing else worth living for.

Fast forward to the days when Jesus walks the Earth...God heals on the Sabbath, heals a withered hand.  No rule, no law, no jot and tittle binds God.  We are free to follow the One Whose Presence we adore.  Count us in this day, forevermore!  May we know Your Presence in what we attempt this hour, this day, for it's all the Grace we have.  Nothing is more important in history than this present moment and what we do with it.  Be present to the One you so love!

"The Glory of God is man fully alive."  Iraeneus


  1. That may be the one phrase Moses says that warms my heart about him the most: If You don't go with us, then leave us here. To this very my friend would say. To this day, Israel enjoys His holy Presence-God didn't deny Moses his request. A friend of Israel is a friend of God today.May our nation remember that. And personally, life isn't worth a wooden nickel if we don't have His Presence in our lives. His Glory is everything!

    I've been crazy busy the past few weeks, so forgive my lack of commenting. I am still here and this place means so much to me each day. Thank you for being here for us, to celebrate His Word in our lives, to struggle in hammering it all out here, too. So love this place in my day...

  2. Bev, you are so faithful to read and comment. May He bless you extra for that fact. I do not always comment for He is keeping me silent these days. Have no idea why. I am reading every day and am blessed every day by what I read and what all of you others write, but He does not always give me voice to what is inside of me.

    I truly do not want to go or be anywhere that HE is not. My husband is looking unto a new idea for work...and I truly do NOT want it IF the Lord is not in it and will not be there with us in it, then it is NOT of Him. We both believe that we need a new thing and a new direction, even in what will be his last hurrah. I do see the Lord moving in it and that blesses me greatly. What a great God we serve who has been so kind and loving to give us examples of how we should live and the way we should desire to live.

  3. Mary Lou, it strikes me that perhaps being free to move at the right time is the reason He has kept you still and waiting for Him recently. All we know is that He knows, and that is frustrating at times, but enough. And to be sure, wherever you go, The Glory of His Presence will be with you. You wear Him so beautifully.

  4. I have been crazy busy with heading up an Academic Contest---taking 27 students to Corpus Christi this weekend to the contest. Preparation has been hectic and many late nights and weekends. Plus we don't have internet at home anymore. Yikes. I have no car either. Double yikes. No woman here. Please forgive my delay in posting this week! Thanks so much. Gotta run get a post up. Bev

  5. Exodus 33:14 is so powerful to me. God is so into what I am doing! I know it and that's a new place for me! So grateful!